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Owning a boat is one of the most lavish luxuries in life. So a custom boat bed is something you ought to consider.  Getting great sleep so you can your free time on the water be it a local lake or the open seas, is the best way to maximize your experience. It’s even better when you never have to leave your boat.

 Sleeping on board lets you enjoy even more hours on the water. There’s nothing better than a sunrise at sea. Plus, a ship with beds allows you to access one-of-a-kind locations. But whether you only sleep on your boat a few times a year or you live onboard full time, it’s worth getting the most comfortable boat bed that you can.

The boat mattress that came with your boat probably isn’t the most comfortable, especially if you bought a used one. And it isn’t as simple as heading down to your local mattress or department store to pick one up.

Want to know how to get custom boat mattresses made just for you? Looking to maximize your boat’s comfort level? We cover everything you need to know about getting a new marine mattress below.

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Boat Bed

Everyone’s boats and bodies are different. As such, everyone has different needs regarding their boat beds and cabin comfort. Whether you bought a used boat or a brand new one, here are a few reasons you may need to upgrade your yacht mattress.

Your Mattress Is Too Old

Most people replace a boat after 10 or 20 years. Yet, if maintained, most boats can last much longer than that. 

But that doesn’t mean the quality of the boat mattress will still be intact. Mattresses tend to last ten years at most. So if your ship’s mattress is older than that, you should get it replaced. Your body will thank you.

Mattresses Are Smelly or Moldy

Boat cabins are moist, humid environments. Moisture and mold can damage soft objects such as beds and blankets if left unattended long enough.

If your boat has a smelly mattress, it could result from too much moisture for long periods of time. It could be complicated to remedy this.

Or if you bought a used boat, you don’t know how the mattresses were cared for. They may have sat in that damp, musty cabin for years before you got your hands on it.

To make your used boat feel new, a new custom mattress will go a long way.

The Mattress Isn’t Comfortable Enough.

Sleeping on deck of boatEveryone has a different definition of comfort. That’s why there is an incredible variety of mattress types available today. 

Even if you bought a brand new boat with a mattress that’s never been used before, that doesn’t mean it’s the correct type of mattress for you. You deserve to sleep comfortably on your prized boat. If you aren’t, do yourself a favor and get a new mattress designed for your preferences.

Good Sleep Is Vital

Whether it’s one night per month or the entire month, getting quality sleep is essential for our health. 

Poor sleep can lead to many issues, such as weight gain, poor concentration, low energy levels, and increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

When you are navigating a boat on open water, the last sleep you need is a poor night’s sleep. It can be downright unsafe. One of the most important ways of improving sleep is by having a quality mattress.

What Is a Custom Boat Bed?

Mattresses made for boats range widely in size, shape, and comfort levels. On top of that, they are also light enough to be used on tiny, floating homes. And they are intended to handle moist, humid environments such as a boat cabin.

You would not be able to use a standard residential mattress on a boat. So if you are looking to replace an old boat mattress, or if your used boat didn’t come with a mattress, you’ll need to have a custom one made.

Because boats are not perfect rectangles like a house or an RV, mattress shapes can vary. Boats have curved sides. So if your bed is aligned with the sidewall, the mattress itself may have a rounded side. You won’t be able to find that in a local store.

But at The Beloit Mattress Company, we can make custom mattresses in any size and shape. Need a mattress with one rounded side? We can do that.

Cabin bed in boat

Custom V-Berth Mattress for Boat

If your boat bed is in the front end of your boat, that’s a good chance that it’s a V-berth mattress. These are shaped like an inverted V.

There are multiple options, depending on your boat and your preferences. We can make a standard V berth mattress, a split V berth mattress, or a V berth trapezoid mattress.

Or, if you need something even more unique, you can submit our custom mattress form with questions about your particular situation. Having a custom boat bed made specifically for you is the best way to ensure proper fit and ultimate comfort in your boat.

How Do You Measure for a Custom Mattress?

custom boat mattress shapesAre you looking to get a quote for your new custom mattress? You’ll need to write down your bed’s measurements. The best way to get your measurements is to use your current boat mattress.

Lay it down on a large sheet and trace around the entire mattress. Once you have done that, record the measurements.

Measure the width of the bed at the head, middle, and foot of the mattress. Then measure the length of the mattress on both sides, as well as in the middle. When it comes to making a custom mattress, having as many measurements as possible helps ensure accuracy.

You can also measure how tall your current mattress is from the ground. If it’s currently too tall, you may have trouble getting in and out of your bed. Measure the ideal height of your new mattress, which can make it easier to get in and out of.

How Can I Make My Boat Bed More Comfortable?

Do you have a mattress that is still in good condition, but isn’t as comfortable as it could be? Maybe you just need to add a mattress topper for additional comfort.

Just like our mattresses, we can custom make a mattress topper to fit perfectly over your mattress. Plus, mattress toppers help preserve and protect your mattress, ensuring it lasts as long as possible. Our basic topper works wonders in moist environments, such as boat cabins. 

You can also have custom sheets made up for your boat. Using standard bed sheets on uniquely shaped mattresses isn’t the most comfortable. If a sheet is too large for a mattress, it can easily get bunched up underneath you as you sleep.

Or if the sheet you use is too small, it can come off while you are sleeping. Getting soft, comfortable sheets made to fit your exact mattress will boost comfort and make your boat look cleaner.

What Is the Best Boat Bed for 2021?

Made In USA BeddingWhen you are looking for a custom mattress for your boat, The Beloit Mattress Company has you covered. We have been supplying custom-made beds of all types for decades.

We have served many boat owners with unique shaped beds who now sleep better than ever on the water. Just check out a handful of these verified reviews from happy customers.

We pride ourselves in handmaking our mattresses right here in Beloit, Wisconsin, with all-American resources and labor. On top of that, we used as many naturally derived sources as possible.

This ensures our mattresses have a much smaller environmental footprint than most mattress manufacturers today. As a result, you get to sleep on a healthy, natural mattress.

Benefits of Buying Factory-Direct

Were you looking to save on your custom mattress purchase? When you order from The Beloit Mattress Company, you can enjoy factory-direct pricing.

We handmake your mattress right here in the US and ship it directly to you. There are no middlemen, such as retailers, logistics companies, or warehouses, to drive prices up.

Plus, we are not owned by a prominent investment firm. Our focus always has been, and always will be, making the highest quality custom mattresses we can, not appeasing stakeholders, and maximizing ROI.

Buying from a factory-direct company like us helps you save money and enjoy a smoother purchasing experience.

Where Will Your Boat Take You?

As a boat owner, you already have the luxury of experiencing the world uniquely. But with beds on board, you can access even more.

You can enjoy docking or anchoring at many offshore islands, such as those in Florida, which receive far fewer visitors than beaches and campgrounds on the mainland.

You can spend days or weeks exploring the coast of your home state, sleeping on board and not having to pay for overpriced hotels or sleep at uncomfortable campgrounds. 

And all of it will be enjoyable if you can get a good night’s sleep. Here’s why you need to upgrade your boat bed:

  • Old, musty, outdated mattresses are robbing you of good sleep
  • Getting a new, custom mattress for your boat is easier than ever
  • The Beloit Mattress Company specializes in making boat mattress of every shape and size
  • Make your mattress even more comfortable with a custom made mattress topper
  • Save money by buying factory-direct today

If you’re ready to upgrade your boat bed with a custom mattress, you can get a free quote today.




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