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6 Winter Break Activities You Should Make Time For

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A few weeks off between semesters seems like a long time, but your break will be over before you know it. If you’re planning to sit in front of YouTube until the wee hours of the morning at your parents’ house the entire time, you might regret not fitting more in when the first day of school rolls around. Here are some suggestions for things to fit in during your time off that you won’t regret.

What Winter Break Activities Do You Have Planned?

Plan your time away from school the right way. These six winter break activities should be at the top of your list:

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Your annoying little brother may be the reason you wanted to go away to college, but as your parents probably told you, he’ll eventually be your lifelong friend. Hang out with your siblings and let your parents know how much you appreciate them supporting your education. Be present when you’re around your family — you won’t get to have the same discussions after you go back to school.

And although you’ve created great bonds with your college friends, don’t forget your pals who were there first. Getting together with high school buddies and neighborhood friends is a great way to remember your roots and have lots of laughs reminiscing.

Update Your Resume and Portfolio

Whether you’re approaching the last semester of your senior year or you’ve just started school, it’s important to stay on top of your experiences that future employers will want to know about. There’s not much time to do this during the school year in between classes, so take the time now to list volunteer work you’re doing, projects in which you’ve participated in, and any impressive awards you’ve received that make you stand out on paper.

If you have a portfolio of your work, start adding all your new stuff. When it’s time for an employer to look you up, you’ll want to be sure they can see all your best work.


Read a Book for Fun

Remember when you could choose what you wanted to read without the pressure of having to write a report about it? Do that now. Reading can be relaxing and allow you to unwind from all the stresses you endure at school, so pick up an old book you used to love or check out something new that strikes your interest. Either way, your overworked mind will thank you for it.

Make Some Money

Let’s face it, college kids don’t have much spending money, especially after buying presents for everyone back home. A few weeks is not long enough to get a new job, but if you have a good repor with your high school employer, ask to pick up several hours of work. Or let the neighborhood parents know that you’re available on select nights to babysit. They’ll appreciate the familiar face they can trust to watch their kids, and you’ll appreciate the money.

Catch Up on Sleep

There’s no doubt that after the all-nighters you pulled studying for exams, you’re sleep deprived. Use this time to get back on a decent sleep schedule. Instead of staying up til sunrise, start going to bed when it’s still dark outside — preferably before midnight. You might enjoy being able to wake up in time to have a cup of coffee with your mom or dad — something you won’t be able to do in a few weeks. And you’ll build your immune system back up so you can start the new year healthy.

If you haven’t been sleeping well at school, look into buying a mattress topper to make your bed more comfortable. Not having to toss and turn all night will lead to more sound sleep so you can focus during the new semester.

Start Packing Your DormTopper

After your long break off from exams and lectures, the last thing you will want is going back to school unprepared to tackle the second semester. If you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep at school, check out a DormTopper mattress topper. It fits on top of your dorm mattress and is soft, breathable, and even moisture resistant. Take one back to school with you so you can ace all your classes in the upcoming months.

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