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Beloit is also a Wholesale Mattress Company and we're a go-to source because we're wholesale mattress suppliers

When you need beds for your hotel, dorm, or furnished complex, it’s hard to tell which wholesale mattress suppliers you can trust. With such a large investment, you have to be sure you’re getting the best value, you’re buying mattresses that will last, and your customers will be comfortable. As a wholesale bed company, we can give you the best quality bed at the best price possible.

Why Beloit is Better Than Other Wholesale Mattress Suppliers

Other wholesale mattress manufacturers may be experienced in filling bulk orders, but that doesn’t mean they deliver quality products. Here’s what makes us different:

Our Beds are Handcrafted

While other wholesale mattress distributors build their beds on mechanical assembly lines, Beloit Mattress crafts each mattress by hand in our factory using locally sourced natural and organic materials. Regardless of how many beds you order, we deliver the most durable, comfortable beds possible.

Beloit mattress worker handcrafting a bed showing why they are better than other wholesale mattress suppliers.



We Make Custom Beds to Fit Your Needs

Have you been dealing with wholesale mattress distributors who simply send you a catalog of their offerings and prices? Well, you won’t get that at Beloit. After speaking with you about your business needs, expectations and budget, we make mattresses in whatever shape, size, and materials you choose. Whether you want to fill your retirement community with plush, queen memory foam mattresses or need to replace your dorm beds with Twin XL innerspring mattresses, we build them specifically to fit your order.

You Won’t Find a Better Value

Because we only sell the mattresses we make, we’re able to save on overhead and bypass the middleman to offer prices better than other wholesale mattress suppliers. When you buy from Beloit, you get the best quality for the best value — Guaranteed!



Years of Experience Means Unbeatable Expertise

2 family members of beloit learning how to handcraft a mattress at a young age and pass downs decades of experience as wholesale mattress suppliers

As a wholesale bed company that’s been in business since 1929, we can promise you won’t find another supplier who knows what mattresses will work for your business. We’ve made custom beds for universities, camps, motels, hotels, RV parks, resorts, and trucking companies throughout the Midwest and beyond, so we are confident we can deliver exactly what you need.

Stop Dealing With Other Wholesale Mattress Suppliers. Call Beloit Mattress Company Instead!

We pride ourselves on personal service….not just sending catalogs in the mail. Nothing makes us happier than getting a phone call or seeing a customer walk through our doors. So please contact us to discuss why our wholesale beds are a big step up from other wholesale mattress suppliers. We look forward to hearing from you!

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