Wholesale Mattress Prices: See Through The Fluff

Beloit Mattress Company’s wholesale mattress prices can’t be beat

When it comes time to replace the beds in your hotel, motel or resort, you should take your time finding the best wholesale mattress prices. But while you have to stick to your budget, that doesn’t mean you must skimp on quality, comfort and durability. Here’s why a great sale from other wholesale mattress manufacturers doesn’t compare to the everyday value of Beloit Mattress Company.

Why Wholesale Mattress Prices at Beloit Are Better

Hospitality managers throughout the country buy mattresses in bulk from Beloit because we have the best products for the best price. Our company is a family-owned business with nearly 90 years of experience, so we know how to build quality mattresses without charging an arm and a leg. You may be able to find cheaper mattresses, but the question is whether or not they will last or satisfy your customers.

Woman sleeping soundly in her hotel room on a wholesale mattress from Beloit Mattress Company

We Cut Out the Middleman

As a wholesale mattress company, we make our own mattresses in our Beloit factory and sell them ourselves. With no middleman, we don’t pay stocking fees or sales commission, and we can price our mattresses however we choose — allowing us to beat the prices of other wholesale mattress manufacturers and retailers..

Our Beds are Handcrafted With Quality Materials

A good value means a great price AND a great product. We only use the highest-quality materials including industry-leading Leggett and Platt coils for long-lasting support, Pure Joma Wool to deter mold growth, CertiPUR Certified foams that meet strict emissions standards, and natural latex that doesn’t break down. And we don’t compromise quality during our building process.

Each mattress maker in our factory hand stitches every mattress to ensure durability and distribute filling evenly, and when you buy mattresses in bulk, that method doesn’t change. Unlike other manufacturers who assemble their mattresses mechanically and wrap them up, Beloit mattresses are examined closely as they are stitched, ensuring that each layer of coils, foam, and fabric has no flaws.



We Don’t Charge Extra for Custom Sizes

Because we make each bed to order, a special request doesn’t bother us. We make mattresses in every shape and size to satisfy your room dimensions and preferences, so whether you need California Kings or Twin XLs in innerspring, latex, or memory foam, we can build them to fit your budget.  

When buying wholesale mattresses for your hotel, it’s important to keep your customer’s satisfaction at the top of your priority list

Better Prices Don’t Compromise Comfort

If your guests aren’t comfortable, they won’t come back. We’ve been in this business long enough to know which time-tested methods provide the most luxurious sleep. We’ve talked to customers through the years and have learned what works and what doesn’t to end up with beds that make people sleep better. When you buy mattresses in bulk from Beloit, you’ll end up with frequent happy customers.

If Your Order Isn’t Right, We’ll Fix It

Unlike other wholesale mattress companies, we guarantee satisfaction. If for any reason you aren’t pleased with the products you receive, you can simply contact our company and we will discuss how to make them better.

Contact Beloit Mattress for the Best Wholesale Mattress Prices

Don’t compromise quality just to get a cheap product. When you work with Beloit, you’ll receive durable, comfortable, affordable mattresses that you won’t have to replace for years to come. Trust us; you have nothing to lose by giving us a shot.


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