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Determining When to Buy a New Mattress: What Should You Look for?

Determining When to Buy a New Mattress: What Should You Look for?

Sure signs that it’s time to make a switch. When you sleep on the same mattress night after night, you don’t notice it slowly starting to wear down over time. That’s why a lot of people end up using their mattress for months and even years after they’ve passed the point of replacement.

How to Know When to Buy a New Mattress

Don’t compromise the quality of your sleep by lying on top of something that keeps you up at night. Instead, look out for these signs that it’s time to replace your mattress:

Do you wake up stiff and sore?

Sleep is a time for your body to rest and recuperate. That means if you’re waking up with more pain than you took to bed, there is something seriously wrong with your mattress. You will notice stiffness and sore spots in your neck, shoulders, and back specifically, but they can show up in any part of the body. Long-term use of a defective mattress can lead to chronic pain problems.

Are you sleeping on a worn out mattress?

A mattress is supposed to provide you with a soft and supportive sleeping surface that is consistent on both sides of the bed and at both ends of the mattress. If the surface you sleep on is lumpy, saggy, uneven, or obviously defective in some way, it’s only going to compromise your sleep. Waking up tired and feeling groggy throughout the day are clear signs you’re not getting quality sleep.

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Constantly sneezing and coughing through the night?

Since your bed has so much surface area and is exposed to so much of your skin, your mattress picks up a lot of dust, dirt, and allergens. Unless you are diligent about cleaning or have a very high-end mattress, these particles have built up over the years and could be causing you symptoms and disrupting your sleep. Sleeping in your bed should be relaxing, not irritating.

Do you sleep better elsewhere?

The next time you sleep in a hotel or a guest bedroom, focus on how rested you feel in the morning. Most people get the best sleep in their bed at home. If an unfamiliar bed is doing a better job of lulling you to sleep and keeping you asleep, there is likely something wrong with the mattress in your bedroom.

Have you reached certain benchmarks?

The lifespan of mattress varies, but most are built to work as designed for 7-10 years. If yours is older, it’s reaching the end of its life if it hasn’t reached it already. Another thing to consider is that most people require a firmer mattress as they age. If you are over 40 and still sleeping on a mattress that is extra-soft, it may not be serving your sleep needs even if it still has life left in it.

Answers to All Your Mattress Needs

If your mattress is overdue for replacement, make sure you replace it with the best option. The team at Beloit Mattress is made up of experts in both mattress design/construction and sleep science. That makes it easy for you to find the ideal mattress for your budget, sleep needs, and living situation.

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