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What to Look for When Buying a Mattress During a Mattress Sale

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Waking up day after day with a groggy body and a foggy head?  Time for a new mattress. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so best do it right! You need a mattress that provides good support to properly keep your spine in alignment at night. Anything less and you’re not offering the healthy night’s rest your body needs to thrive during the day.

It’s time to check out a mattress sale and get the sleep you deserve!  Let’s find out how.

Different Mattress Types

To get the most out of a mattress sale, you’ll want to consider every option. Not every mattress is the same, so let’s take a look at some different types.

First, to give you a general glimpse of mattress types, let’s look at the general lifespan you can expect. They are:

  • Latex Foam: 12 years
  • Memory Foam: 10 years
  • Innerspring: 8 years
  • Pillow Top: 6 years

Of course, these are general guidelines—specific mattress usage varies from sleeper to sleeper. Be sure to see what warranties are offered for your selection!

Now, let’s take a look at the different options for mattress materials.

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Latex Foam

Latex foam mattresses are recommended for their comfort and naturally cooling elements.

Like other latex materials, mattresses built exclusively of this foam are noted for their great responsiveness to contact and gentle support for impact.

Falling onto a latex foam mattress is like falling into a pool of marshmallows!

Sleepers who are looking for strong support with a responsive bounce should consider a latex foam mattress. Unlike other foam mattresses, latex foam is a bit rougher around the edges, giving a little push back instead of contouring completely to your body.

As they’re a bit tougher in material, latex foam mattresses last the longest!

Memory Foam

Maybe you want something that fits snug like a glove?

Memory foam has got your back.

These mattresses are noted for providing great support for any shape and size looking for a restful hug at night. Their adaptability to your body allows for great support and overall pressure relief.

Worried about overheating from all that hugging? Don’t be! New advancements in mattress technology have evolved the memory foam material to be much more conducive with cooling properties.

Feel snug and tight and cool at night!

Memory foam mattresses are best for sleepers looking to bundle up at night, desiring full body-shaping support. There is a wide variety of memory foam firmness on the market to offer an array of comfort and support to your liking.


There’s something to be said for doing it the ol’ fashioned way.

Appearing in many homes across the country, innerspring mattresses are popular for their tactile support. These mattresses are made of one or several layers of steel spring coils to offer support and comfort as you rest.

You might think of coil spring mattresses as a thing of the past, but manufacturers have made quite some advancements in spring technology. Innerspring mattresses boast more coils than ever, offering a fluid experience with competent responsiveness for your body’s needs.

Spring mattresses are great for sleepers who are looking for a more traditional experience. They offer strong edge support, great bouncing appeal, and cooling comfort at night.

Pillow Top

Need just a touch more plush in your life?

Pillow tops can be applied to an array of mattresses—memory, coil, latex, etc. It is a soft layer of material that is stuffed into the top cover of the mattress, then sewn shut. The perfect boost of comfort!

Pillow tops are great for sleepers who want a little more cushion from their mattress. Get ready for feather-like support that’ll have you feeling like you’re on the clouds.


You can always go for a little bit of everything!

Hybrid mattresses are crafted with a combination of memory, latex, innerspring coils, or other materials. This adaptability in design allows for the maximization of user-specified benefits.

Want something cozy and comforting while offering a bit of a bounce? A combo of memory foam and latex foam can do that for you!

Hybrids are perfect for sleepers looking for the best of both worlds. Great support, responsive bounce, pressure relief, cooling technology—you name it.


Beyond the mattress material, there are some other qualities to consider.

For example, some beds come with a motorized, mechanical frame that can adjust the mattress to different shapes. This allows for a greater array of support while using your mattress for different activities, such as inclined for reading or flat for sleeping.

Also, some mattress technology allows the user to control the temperature of the mattress. Others offer massage support through kneading mechanics or vibration pulses. If you’re a sleeper who’s looking for a little more bang for your buck, look around for some features that appeal to you!

Other times, your doctor may recommend a mattress that will help provide treatment to a medical condition. If you’re an older sleeper or have a condition like chronic snoring or lower back pain, consult a professional for advice on a customized mattress specific to your needs.

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How to Choose a Bed for You

Mattresses are like a glove—only some are going to fit your hand.

Beyond the material of the mattress, you have to consider the feel of it. Finding the perfect firmness in a mattress for you is a little bit science, a little bit subjective. It relates to how soft or hard you like the feel of your mattress to be.

Your body and the position you most often sleep in will dictate the kind of mattress you’ll want to look for to achieve a well-rested night.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities.

Side Sleeper

Those who sleep on their side often shift and move about throughout the night.

The legs will extend straight one moment, the next they’re bent into a fetal position.

With all this movement in mind, you’ll want something that can adapt to the form of your body. Thus, it’s recommended for side sleepers to find something a bit on the soft to medium level of firmness. This firmness will contour with your body, offering support while relieving pressure points on the spine all throughout the night.

Back Sleeper

Those who sleep on their backs tend to remain so throughout the night.

Therefore, they need a steady mattress to provide constant support all night long.

Firmness is critical for back sleepers. They need a mattress that will offer a little push-back to relieve some of the pressure points on the arch of the spine. Without this firmness, the spine will sink into the softness at uneven points, creating aches and pains to compensate.

For back sleepers, a medium to hard firmness is recommended for a good night’s sleep.

Stomach Sleeper

Similarly, those who sleep on their stomachs all night need strong support throughout the night.

For a stomach sleeper, the torso becomes a big factor that needs adequate support at night. With a soft mattress, these sleepers risk sinking into the mattress at their midsection, creating a painful arch.

Instead, stomach sleepers priority when searching for a new mattress is to find one with medium to hard firmness. This will ensure the resistance needed to offer support and relief for the pressure points along the spine.

Shape and Size

Like the position you sleep in, your general size and shape are factors to consider when buying a new mattress.

Those that are smaller and lighter won’t need as much support from their mattress as others do, so they might go for something softer. Someone bigger and heavier will require more support, so they should opt for a mattress with more firmness and durability to it.

Again, this is all subjective to your wants and needs. Test around to find the material and firmness that suits you!

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Find a Mattress Sale Near You

You might be tempted to shop around online and have your mattress easily and seamlessly delivered, but you’re totally missing out!

To be the most efficient shopper around, you’ll need to shop for your next mattress in-stores. Test each mattress first by just a gentle press of the hand, get a feel for them. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, give them a test drive for 10 minutes each.

It’s better to take a little bit of time out of your day to do your thorough research for something you’ll be using every night.

If you’re in the Wisconsin or Illinois area, come check out our selection!

Shop Til You Drop!

Take a day and go check out a local mattress sale, you won’t regret it.

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out some high-tech pillows and accessories for your slumber!

Sweet dreams are only a sale away~


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