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What Mattress Size Do I Need?

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About 1/3 of our life is spent asleep. And nearly 1/6 is spent watching TV or scrolling the internet in bed. All in all, many people will end up spending half of their lives lying on their mattresses. And that makes it especially sad that most Americans just aren’t satisfied with what they’re sleeping on.

A new study from Slumber Cloud found that 75% of people think their mattresses could be more comfortable.

And while that certainly has to do with the type of mattress people may be catching their ZZZs on, some slumberers are waking up cramped, groggy, and grumpy for another reason—they’re sleeping on the wrong size mattress.

Yes, your mattress size could be killing your sleep quality.

And in addition to creating a bedtime routine, finding the right sized mattress for you is key to a restful night’s sleep.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “What size mattress do I need?” then this article is for you.

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Does Mattress Size Really Matter?

No matter how much homework you do to select the best mattress type and comfort level, if a mattress is not the right size, it will affect your sleep quality.

A mattress needs to accommodate all potential sleepers — kids, pets, you — while allowing you space to move around your bed comfortably.

Mattresses that are too small can lead to bumping into partners, cramped and contorted body positioning, and even worse—falling off the bed entirely.

That’s even more important when you are sleeping with a partner that takes up more than their fair share of the room.

In fact, one study found that 21% of married people say their partner takes up too much of the bed.

40% of Americans don’t generally wake up feeling well-rested



That being said, mattresses that are too large can be hard to transport, may not fit through doorways or corridors, and can diminish the open area of the room.

As a result, selecting the right mattress for you can be a bit of a balancing act.

Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes by The Beloit Mattress Company

The Most Common Mattress Sizes

Below are the most common mattress sizes. You’ll also find some valuable tips to help guide you towards a mattress size that is right for you.

Twin: 38.5” (W) x 74.5” (L)

A Twin mattress is the smallest possible mattress size besides a crib-sized mattress. Both Twin and Full sizes are approximately 75 inches long, which may be too short for some adults.

That being said, it’s the perfect choice for most children and teenagers.

Twin XL: 38.5” (W) x 79.5” (L)

A Twin XL might be an excellent alternative mattress size for anyone living in a tight space. The XL provides a few more inches in length but is still around 38.5 inches in width.

You can often find Twin XLs in college dorms.

Also, the Twin XL is used to make up a California King when you want adjustable bases.

Full: 53.5” (W) x 74.5” (L)

  • A Full-size mattress is 53.5 inches wide, just 15 inches wider than a twin size (single). Quite a bit bigger than a Twin but still only leaves each partner about 27 inches of personal space. Beyond that, this size may be too short for some adults as it’s only about 75 inches long.
  • Full mattresses are often the best bed size for a single person, but only if that sleeper is under 5 feet 9 inches tall. However, parents, these days are increasingly choosing Fulls over Twins for teenage bedrooms. Parents are even going with Full mattresses for younger children to give everyone more space when it comes time to tuck them in for the night.

Queen: 59.5” (W) x 79.5” (L)

  • Queen mattress dimensions are 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a Full-size mattress. These added inches can make all the difference in comfort, especially for couples.
  • It’s no wonder that Statista reports that the Queen mattress is by far the most popular mattress size at 47% of American adults sleeping on a Queen bed. King is up next at 19%, followed by Full at 14%.
  • That being said, a Queen actually provides less personal space for couples compared to sleeping alone in a Twin—9 inches less space, in fact.
  • A Queen mattress is a good choice for guest rooms, smaller master bedrooms, and couples who prefer close quarters. It’s also an intelligent choice for single sleepers who tend to take up more space in bed (a.k.a. “sprawlers”).

King: 75.5” (W) x 79.5” (L)

  • A King mattress is about 18 inches wider than a Queen. A King is the best choice for couples that want maximum personal sleeping space as it offers about 38 inches of room apiece.
  • It’s also the best bet to accommodate that time on Sunday morning when children may pop into bed – or if the pets in your house have mattress privileges!
  • However, size can also be a problem. Even with a “split box spring” (two twin-size foundations to support it), it may be too big for some bedrooms or too bulky to navigate through some corridors, doors, and stairwells.

California King: 71.5” (W) x 83.5” (L)

  • The “California King Mattress” is approximately 71.5 inches wide by 83.5 inches long – 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a regular King. As the name suggests, it became popularized on the West Coast.
  • One thing to be aware of with California Kings is that regular King-size sheets, and mattress covers won’t fit. So be sure you’re buying all the suitable bed dressings to accommodate this narrower and longer mattress.

How Long of a Mattress Do You Need?

Ideally, your mattress should be 6 inches longer than the tallest person sleeping in it.

Partners should be able to rest both hands behind their heads (elbows sprawled) without bumping into each other.

Your mattress must fit through any doorways, corridors, and stairwells leading to your bedroom.

Determine how many people (and pets!) will be in bed and how much room they will need.

In fact, 66% of U.S. pet owners reported that they let their pets sleep in bed with them.


If you are the bedtime reader with your children or sleep with your pets, a Full-size mattress may be more comfortable than squeezing onto a twin bed.

What Size Bed Should I Get for My Height?

Figuring out the right size for you is simple.

Just take your height and add 6 inches to it.

Then select the mattress that is longer than the length you calculated.

To make it even easier for you, you can use the chart below to see which mattress works for you.

  • Twin (74.5” L) = Good for anyone under 5’9”
  • Twin XL (79.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6’2”
  • Full (74.5” L) = Good for anyone under 5’9”
  • Queen (79.5” L) = Suitable for anyone under 6’2”
  • King (79.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6’2”
  • Cal King (83.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6’6”

That being said, you’ll also want to consider whether you’re sleeping with another person as well.

The bigger the width, the more space you and your sleeping partner will have.

How Do I Know My Mattress Size?

One of the best ways to determine which mattress size is right for you is to think about your current mattress.

Is it too short?

Do you and your sleeping partner constantly bump into each other in bed?

Does your current mattress take up too much room?

Take note of what you like and what you hate about your mattress size. And then make a decision based on that.

You can measure your mattress from head to foot for the length and from side to side for the width.

Many mattresses will also have a tag (usually on the lower-left corner) that says the mattress’s size.

Mattress Size vs. Mattress Thickness

Mattress size and mattress thickness are not the same. And in fact, the same mattress size can have various mattress thicknesses, depending on the type.

For instance, a Full mattress can be anywhere from five to 16 inches thick.

And while there is no set-in-stone standard for thicknesses among mattress manufacturers, many tend to base their thickness on the following measures:

  • Low profile – 2 to 5 inches
  • Slim – 5 to 8 inches
  • Standard – 8 to 12
  • Deep, thick, or tall – 12 to 16 inches
  • Extra deep, extra-thick, or extra tall – 16 inches+

Determining the right mattress thickness for you is a matter of preference. Thicker mattresses tend to give more support and more cushioning.

That being said, bodyweight more than anything should dictate how thick your mattress should be.

People with higher body weights will need more support. If you’re over 230lbs, for instance, you should look for a mattress that’s more than 12 inches thick.

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What Mattress Size Do I Need?

With all the choices out there, finding your perfect mattress can be challenging.

Different lengths, different material types, different thicknesses—it all adds up to lots of choices and an overwhelming number of options.

But at The Beloit Mattress Company, we’ve tried to make finding your perfect mattress more effortless than ever.

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