What Does a Mattress Pad or Mattress Topper Do? 10 Reasons You Need One

What Does a Mattress Pad or Mattress Topper Do

If you’re one of the 10% of the world’s population that suffers from lower back pain, you may need to check if your mattress is the culprit. While a low-quality mattress will not damage your back, it’s a huge contributor to the soreness of your back and the quality of your sleep.

And what if you find it’s the culprit for your ongoing back problem? Do you have to buy a new one and spend hundreds of dollars?

That’s an option, of course, but there’s an easier solution. Buy a mattress pad instead.

It can solve most of your bedding issues without requiring you to spend as much. Check out its benefits below.

1. Toppers Provide a Solution for a Too Soft or Too Hard Mattress

It isn’t uncommon for a family to buy what they think is the perfect mattress for them. But then, it ends up being too soft or too hard.

In this scenario, what do you do? Do you go back to the store and have it replaced, so you can go back to the whole process of choosing another mattress?

Save yourself the trouble and find a mattress topper instead. Whether you need a softer place to lie on or a harder one, you’ll find a pad that best fits your needs.

This is also a solution for when your needs change. If you’re growing old, you may need more support for your back, for example.

Again, you don’t need to buy a new mattress, you only need a topper or replace the one you’re using now.

2. It Prolongs the Life of a Mattress

Mattresses have a lifespan of seven to 10 years depending on how you take care of it. If you rotate it more often and take care of it, you may be able to enjoy it longer.

One sure way of prolonging its life, though, is by using a mattress pad. It will be the one to take most of the beating, keeping your mattress safe underneath.

It also protects the mattress itself from spills and other dirt. Even if you don’t drink or eat in your bed, our body’s natural oils and sweat can still make your mattress gross.

Your mattress doesn’t have to deal with these things if you have a topper from day one. You’ll be able to enjoy it for over 10 years because it won’t get smelly, dirty, and saggy as fast.

Besides, you don’t want to keep sleeping on an old mattress. If it’s saggy, it won’t be able to support the natural alignment of your spine. This can make you wake up with a stiff and painful back.

With a mattress pad, you can replace it as soon as it turns soggy and when you don’t feel comfortable on it anymore.

3. It’s a More Affordable Solution

Is it more advantageous to replace a mattress topper two or three times than to buy one new mattress, though? Of course!

Even if you buy it at the end of the life of your mattress, it will still be useful. It can compensate for all the shortcomings of your old mattress, keeping you comfortable enough until you can buy a new one.

Don’t worry, most are durable enough to last until you can afford to buy a mattress.

4. A Mattress Pad Is More Convenient to Buy

Let’s talk about the convenience of buying a mattress topper than a whole mattress.

Toppers are more compact; they’re lighter and thinner than a mattress. As such, they’re easier to transport, which also leads to lower shipping costs.

If you want to save even more, you can take it home using only your car or a friend’s. You don’t need help to bring it up to your apartment, too.

Once you get home, you can set it up yourself as instructed without further fuss. You don’t need to take out your old mattress, too (unless you bought a new one to go with your new topper).

5. They Are Easier to Maintain

Which do you think is easier to clean? A mattress or a pad?

The answer is, without a doubt, the latter. Because it’s more compact, it’s easy to take out its covers without needing to wrestle with it.

It should come with a removable cover, but if you buy it without one, buy a cover, too. In most cases, the cover is machine washable.

Furthermore, if you ever spill something, it won’t cost as much to have it cleaned by a professional.

To make maintenance even easier, choose a waterproof mattress pad. This will prolong its life, save you some troubles, and save you a lot of frustrations.

6. Mattress Toppers Minimize Motion Transfer

Bouncy beds are great, but they often come with minimal features that prevent motion transfer. This means that if your partner likes tossing and turning in their sleep, you’ll be bouncing with them, too.

A simple fix to this problem is buying a mattress pad. You’ll only have to choose the right one.

The best type for reducing motion transfer is a memory foam, which isolates movement. It absorbs movement on that particular part only, so people in other places of the bed won’t feel it.

If memory foam doesn’t work for you or you hate that sinking feeling, you may also try a latex topper. It’s not as conforming as memory foam, but it’s still great at minimizing motion transfer.

7. A Topper Can Solve Your Neck and Back Pain Issues

Want to replace your mattress but can’t due to the high cost of a model that’s best for neck and back pain? Consider a memory foam pad instead.

Memory foam helps with back pain by molding itself to the shape of the body. This distributes the weight evenly, relieving painful pressure points.

The foam won’t interrupt your body’s natural lines and curves. Rather, it supports them. This allows your back to rest in its natural state.

Some, however, believe that a firm mattress is better for back pain than soft mattresses. If that’s the case for you, you can also try and find a topper that’s firmer than your mattress.

8. It Can Compensate for Your Low-Quality Mattress

Your back doesn’t have to suffer from a low-quality mattress; you can buy a good quality topper to help you achieve high-quality sleep.

As we’ve said numerous times, even a premium mattress pad is only a fraction of the cost of a good mattress. You can splurge on a topper even if you’re on a budget; you can’t do this with a whole mattress.

That said, you only need to save up for a few weeks or a couple of paydays. After which, you’ll be able to sleep in comfort even if you have a junk of a mattress.

9. Mattress Toppers Can Help You Cool Down

Another issue that’s prevalent in the summer months is the heat retention of mattresses. If you chose the wrong type, the mattress may be keeping your body hot. This happens because there’s less airflow.

What you can do aside from wasting money on a new mattress is to buy a topper that can help you better regulate your body temperature. Certain types have good airflow, while others are good at wicking moisture.

10. You Have Many Types to Choose From

Don’t think that you won’t have the same extensive variety to choose from. Toppers come in as many types as mattresses. This means that whatever criteria you have for choosing a mattress, you can apply it to pads, too.

You choose the level of firmness, the type of material, and the price range.

We’ve already mentioned memory foam and latex toppers, but you can consider the other types, too.

There’s a featherbed topper, which is one of the most popular options. It’s soft, easy to move around in, and great at cooling the body.

However, it’s bad news for people with allergies and those who don’t want toppers requiring extra care. You have to fluff feather beds often so they don’t lose their shape.

There’s also a micro plush topper that’s less expensive than the other options and a wool topper that’s more expensive. Choosing one depends on your needs, but don’t worry because you have more than enough options to choose from.

Take Care of Your Mattress Toppers

To enjoy the full benefits of your mattress pad, make sure to take care of it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After all, you still paid extra for it.

But why stop here? Feel free to check out our other guides today, like this one discussing how to clean your topper properly.

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