Should You Upgrade Your Teen’s Bed?

upgrade your teen's bed

A Quality Mattress is Important for Teen Sleep

Deep, restful sleep at night leads to better performance during the day

Sleep is incredibly important for teenagers. You may think your teen has no trouble at all getting enough sleep, but the reality is that many teens don’t sleep enough and don’t get quality sleep. That can have wide reaching consequences that you may be blaming on another cause. Look for the signs discussed below. If you notice these behaviors in your teen, it may be time to upgrade their bed.

Difficulties in School

Lack of sleep makes it especially difficult to focus and concentrate. A sudden downturn in grades could indicate that your teen is drowsy in school and having a hard time staying committed to academics.

Loss of Concentration

Getting inadequate amounts of poor quality sleep has an impact on all kinds of cognitive functions. Struggles in school are one indicator, but your teen might also struggle to focus on sports, extracurriculars, hobbies, and family activities.

Failure to Listen

All teens tune their parents out from time to time. But if your teen suddenly seems fails to listen to directions or relevant information it could be more than just them being stubborn. Poor teen sleep makes it harder to focus on conversations and retain the information being relayed.

Struggles to Remember

Sleep and memory are directly linked. If your teen suddenly seems to be forgetting a lot of important information, it might indicate that they are too drowsy and distracted to retain the memories of those conversations.


Increase in Acne

Teens are naturally prone to pimples. But the National Sleep Foundation has established that there is a direct link between poor sleep and skin problems. If your teen’s complexion suddenly becomes worse, the problem could be the bed they’re sleeping on.

Shortness in Temper

We all know that feeling tired can make you cranky and quick to snap. If your teen seems more irritable than normal and begins snapping at friends, family, and teachers,it might indicate that they’re simply too tired all the time.

Problems with Weight

Weight problems are common in teens, especially as hormones and bodies change rapidly. Poor teen sleep can throw off the hormonal balance and lead to sudden weight gains, or make efforts to lose weight more difficult. This is a complicated issue, but quality sleep needs to be a part of any weight management strategy.

Frequency of Illness

Sleep is essential for the well-being of the entire body. When the body is at rest, the immune system has an opportunity to recuperate and replenish itself. One sign that your teen is not getting enough sleep is that they suddenly seem to pick up every cold and cough that goes around.

Upgrade Your Teen’s Bed at Beloit Mattress

There are lots of factors that contribute to quality sleep. But the condition of the mattress is a major one. No matter how well your teen prepares herself for sleep, if her mattress is old and uncomfortable, she will spend a lot of the night tossing and turning. Help your teen get the rest she needs to succeed at school, with friends, and at home by upgrading her mattress. There is a huge inventory available at Beloit Mattress, all at prices that won’t strain your family budget. As you start to consider options, download our free mattress buying guide.

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