A Mattress Retailer You Can Trust: Beloit Mattress Company

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You spend a third of your life asleep. Therefore, it’s imperative you find a mattress comfortable enough to allow your mind and body to recharge while sleeping. A trustworthy mattress retailer is not just in the business for the money; they’re in it to improve lives. At Beloit Mattress Company, we’ll do everything we can to build and deliver the perfect mattress for you.

Why Should I Trust This Mattress Retailer?

Unlike a typical mattress retailer that has a revolving door of employees, Beloit Mattress Company is staffed by a family of mattress makers. We have been in the mattress business since 1929 and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon! Here are just a few things that make it easy to trust Beloit:

Beloit is a mattress retailer that only hires trustworthy professionals to handcraft your bed.


We Make Our Own Mattresses

For nearly 90 years, we’ve been handcrafting custom beds in our own factory from local, natural materials. We can tell you exactly what goes into each layer of each mattress and can guarantee it will last. The mattress store down the street can’t do this because they simply sell products from other manufacturers.

We Aren’t Just Salespeople — We’re Sleep Consultants

Any mattress salesman can try to sell a bed, but we truly want you to sleep better. We’ve done the research that shows which materials are best for which sleeping positions, how to relieve joint pain while you sleep, which beds are best for sleeping soundly with a partner, and more. Our job is to give you advice….not just sell you a mattress.

We Price Our Mattresses For The Average Consumer

Because we make our own beds, we’re able to sell them affordably. We don’t pay to slap a premium brand name on our products and then charge a premium price. Instead, we make the highest quality mattresses ourselves and offer them so that every person who needs good sleep can buy them.

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If You Don’t Love Your Mattress — We’ll Make Sure You Do

Many customers continue to sleep on an uncomfortable bed because they’re afraid to purchase a new mattress that may not even help them sleep — and we understand. A typical mattress retailer will sweet talk their product just to make money, and then wash their hands of you as soon as you’re out the door. But at Beloit Mattress Company, we care so much about your comfort that if you don’t love your mattress within 60 nights, you can bring it back to our store and tell us what will make it better. We’ll make custom adjustments right here in our Beloit factory and then give it right back to you!


Trust Us. You Have Nothing to Lose!

When you step through our doors, you’ll be greeted by a staff who wants nothing more than to improve your life with a quality mattress. We’ll discuss your preferred firmness level, your favorite sleeping position, whether you got hot when you sleep, and other things that affect what type of mattress is best for you. We will then build you a custom bed by hand and let you try it, and if it isn’t right, we’ll fix it.

A new mattress is a big investment, so don’t just trust any mattress retailer. Trust Beloit Mattress Company right from the start.

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