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Top Mattress Types of 2023

What Mattress Material is Best for Your Body

43% of all Americans say they are too tired to function at their workplace daily. That puts everyone at risk for a workplace injury or worse. At the very least, you’re not giving your employer what they’re paying you for, your best.  

A significant determining factor in the quality of sleep you get is the types of mattresses you’re sleeping on. Which are the best mattresses? Can cheap mattresses give you a good night’s rest? What are the different mattress types?

Here we review all the available mattresses and tell you our top 5. This way, you’re not caught Googling “mattresses near me” at 3 AM when you wake up with another backache.

What Are the Top Mattress Types?

Walking into a mattress store is daunting. There are tons of models and different types. How do you know the difference and which is suitable for what person?

The differences between mattresses go from subtle to drastic, but each serves a purpose and has a target user. Let’s go over the main types now.


If you picture a mattress in your mind, the one you are picturing is most likely an innerspring mattress. This type is by far the most popular type of mattress.

An innerspring is a firmer mattress and is made up of hundreds of interlocking spring coils. These work together to form the feeling of a complete surface while having the give to customize to the user.

The best part about the innerspring mattress is it’s readily available at various prices. It’s by far the most affordable mattress type. There are some drawbacks, though.

You’ll need to replace these much more often as the springs get worn out and the mattress starts to sag after continued use. Most innerspring mattresses are one-sided so you won’t be able to flip them to bring them back to life. They have lower satisfaction scores than other types and are slowly being phased out in favor of their more durable and comfortable counterparts.

However, these are a great choice for a guest bedroom or a spare bed used only occasionally. It’s affordable, and you don’t need the investment of everyday comfort.


This is one of the newest innovations on the market. The micro-coil mattress takes the innerspring ideal and matches practicality with actual comfort.

While innerspring mattresses rely on comfort layers placed on top of the springs to make them pleasurable to lay on, micro-coil mattresses use the metal springs themselves to create the comfort layer. They accomplish this by including tons of tiny springs of all different sizes and lengths to build on each other.

This gives you the firmness of an innerspring with the comfort of some foam or gel models.

Memory Foam

These mattresses are made with a solid piece of memory foam. They offer much more pressure point support and are ideal for people with back problems.

You sink into them like a cloud, and the foam hugs and contours your body. This gives you a whole new level of comfort.

Some drawbacks to memory foam are that it doesn’t offer much resistance and pushback, so it is harder to get out of than your traditional innerspring options. Some say they sleep hotter than other types of mattresses, so if you like to keep calm while you sleep, this isn’t the best choice.


Gel-infused mattresses take memory foam a step further. To solve the hot-at-night problem, they are infused with a cooling gel that reacts with your body heat and keeps you cooler all night long.

This also makes the mattress practically silent, masking your partner’s movements. This is great for couples who work different schedules or if one is a light sleeper who notices every bump.

Even with the gel, these mattresses may still make you uncomfortable if you’re a hot sleeper. There are better options out there for you in this arena.


This is by far the best type of mattress for those concerned with sleeping temperature. It gives you the comfort of memory foam through layering but the cooling effects of a more traditional innerspring mattress. The pocketed coil layer is more protected and lasts longer.

The foam layers offer comfort and support, while the whole mattress provides a better pushback, making it easy to maneuver, even for people with mobility issues.

The hybrid mattress combines the two technologies to give you optimal comfort and a great night’s sleep.


The newest kid on the block is the latex mattress. These mattresses are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are also allergen-free, benefiting those sensitive to dust mites and other microscopic critters that dwell in more traditional mattresses over time.

The entire mattress is made of cool material, so they naturally sleep cooler than other mattresses. They are supremely comfortable because they mold to your body.

Our Top Mattresses

Each of these mattresses will give you a great night’s sleep. The difference lies in your preferences, sleeping needs, style, and individual needs.

Each of our mattresses comes with a full 10-year warranty, so you know you’ll get quality no matter your pick.

These mattresses offer you the best of all worlds. All of them offer a combination of the types listed above. Here are our picks for the top 5 mattresses of 2020.

Somnolent Pure Balance Plush – Flippable

Somnolent MattressThe Somnolent Pure Balance plush is our luxury plush sleep system, great for side sleepers. As our most supportive mattress, it offers excellent pressure relief and features our exclusive Posturfil HD micro-coil technology and new Flexecore®system, a revolutionary innovation that has redefined comfort technology.

Here are the top benefits:

  • Our plushest flippable mattress
  • Temperature regulating
  • Reduces tossing & turning
  • Cashmere blend knit quilt for a cooler surface
  • Compatible with Leggett & Platt Power Foundations

Click here for the full specifications.

Hybrid Rest Easy CloudHybrid Easy Rest Classic

Our Hybrid Easy Rest Classic is a unique mattress and softer than our Hybrid Easy Rest Firm. For fantastic comfort and value in a hybrid, this is your model.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Luxcore innerspring provides better support than a foam core and feels closer to a standard innerspring mattress
  • Latex is 100% natural, breathes well, is dust mite resistant, and is very supportive gel-infused foam relieves pressure points like memory foam but is more durable and stays about four degrees cooler.

Click here to learn more and decide if the Somnolent Pure Balance is the mattress for you.

Rejuvinate Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid RejuvenateThis hybrid mattress is the 90th-anniversary edition. If you’ve been on the fence about whether you want a hybrid with memory foam or not, this is the mattress to test it out with.

The key benefits are:

  • “Comfort Core ™” innerspring provides better support than a foam core
  • “Comfort Core ™” innerspring provides a feel closer to a standard mattress
  • Talalay Latex is natural, breathes well, is cooler than memory foam, is dust mite resistant, and is very supportive
  • Our exclusive Posturfil HD 3 zone design provides more comfort and support than foam while sleeping 28% cooler and lasting longer.

Click here for more info and pricing.

Heirloom Pillow Tuft Top

Heirloom MattressThis is our top-of-the-line combo of innerspring and micro coil mattresses. This mattress is like sleeping in a dream and is also gorgeous.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Plush yet supportive innerspring keeps your body properly aligned
  • Hand Tufted pre-compressed padding limiting body impressions
  • Natural padding
  • Joma Wool fire barrier – no FR-treated materials
  • Firm seating edge
  • Eliminates motion transfer
  • Exclusive build style prevents body impressions
  • Pure Joma Wool for a cooler sleep surface
  • Organic cotton cover

Click here for the full specs and price.

Your Sleep is Important, Don’t Settle for Anything But The Best

We hope this gives you all the info you need on the types of mattresses available, which would be great for you.

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