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Tips to Improve Your Children’s Bedtime Routine

improve your Children's Bedtime

An Easier Children’s Bedtime Routine for Both Parents and Kids

Help your children get the deep sleep they need

All parents know that children’s bedtime can be anything but restful. Often this part of the night is accompanied by tantrums and tears, and even when the child gets into bed, it can take them a long time to finally fall asleep. This is stressful on parents, and it’s tough on kids when they don’t get the sleep they need to support their active lives. The good news is that there are simple strategies you can use to make things easier on everyone. Here are five tips to improve your children’s bedtime:

No Screens in the Bedroom

TV and tablets are great for relaxing but not great for sleeping. Staring at a screen actually “wakes” your brain up and makes it harder to encourage the onset of sleep. Help your child get into a restful state by removing any screens from the bedroom and turning all screens off at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Create a Ritualfather and daughter brushing her teeth

A big part of getting to sleep is signaling to the brain and body that it’s time to sleep. One of the best ways to establish this signal is to create a bedtime routine and stick to it religiously. This routine should consist of calm, relaxing activities like reading a story and brushing the teeth. As your children become familiar with the routine, they will start to naturally wind down.

Make the Bedroom Restful

Children, like anyone else, need a relaxing environment to help them sleep. If the room has too much light, too much noise, too much distraction, or an uncomfortable temperature, it’s only going to make sleep more elusive. Try to imagine your own ideal sleep environment and recreate those features in your child’s room. It also doesn’t hurt to ask your child how they prefer to sleep.

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Teach Self-SoothingChild sleeping with bear.

When children get scared or uncomfortable during the night, they often go running to Mom and Dad’s room. There is nothing wrong with this on occasion, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, it can compromise everyone’s quality of sleep. Teach your children self-soothing strategies that help alleviate common nighttime anxieties. For young children, it helps to establish a safety object like a stuffed animal or treasured blanket.

Get on the Same Page

Sometimes it’s the parents rather than the kids that make children’s bedtime a challenge. If Mom and Dad approach the process differently, it sends mixed messages to the child and makes bedtime a confusing process. Make sure that you and your partner agree about how to get your kids to sleep, and follow the same routine regardless of circumstances.

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