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The True Pros and Cons of a Memory Foam Mattress in Beloit, WI

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The market for memory foam is expected to reach around 8 million in sales by 2023.  Those looking to buy a new mattress aren’t just looking for any old mattress- they are looking for quality products that improve sleep and overall wellbeing. 

Below are some important pros and cons of memory foam mattress to consider. We will share the memory foam mattress Beloit offers and our latest research from sleep experts. 

Memory Foam: The Basics

Memory foam is a product of NASA research. In the 1960s, NASA experimented with using memory foam for their airplane seats to reduce impact on the seated person. They also used it to add cushioning to head and footwear.

They made the foam with polyurethane, which seemed to work differently from other kinds of foam being made at that time.

Heat and pressure activate the foam’s unique properties. Memory foam evenly distributes body weight and gradually expands back to its original shape afterwards.

Memory foam comes in a variety of shapes and thickness. You can choose foam that is one inch thick or a double memory foam mattress. Foam can come flat or with divets designed to move with you.

Upon discovering this, the mattress industry utilized the miracle product to make beds that helped people sleep better. Memory foam has become one of the most popular choices for mattress buyers ever since.

Benefits of Memory Foam

Memory foam is known for its comfort. Hard mattresses can provide support but not necessarily comfort.

Older spring mattresses have little give and can be noisy in the night. If you toss and turn out of discomfort, a constant noisy reminder is the last thing you need.

Unlike old spring mattresses, memory foam meets and molds to the shape of your body. Those who sleep on their side find relief in spots that normally experience more pressure in the night.

Those who suffer from joint or back pain may struggle with spring or coil mattresses. Cheap foam may not provide support.

Memory foam provides orthopedic support that relieves pain time and time again.

Drawbacks of Memory Foam

Some people find the chemical smell of memory foam unappealing. Others have concerns about the chemicals behind that smell. You simply want to be sure your mattress has been tested for quality and safety.

Memory foam is known to make people sleep hot. The same chemical properties that make memory foam so comfortable also make it easy for the foam to trap and keep your body heat.

Fortunately, customers who didn’t want to compromise on comfort and coolness have found mattress toppers to be incredibly helpful.

The average person needs a topper anyway (some for allergy reasons, others for hygiene purposes). Unless you are a living fireplace, you can make memory foam work with little effort.

Finally, how long does a memory foam mattress last? Anywhere from eight to ten years- as long as any other type of mattress.

Choosing a Memory Foam Mattress In The Beloit Area

We want you to find a mattress that works specifically for you.

As long as you know what your mattress is made of, you shouldn’t have any issue finding one that is safe and comfortable.

Want a firm sponge mattress? Have a specific price range? Struggling with your sleep position? We use custom online tools to help you find the best memory foam mattress Beloit has to offer.

Check out our latest models for mattresses that were made just for you.

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