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4 Speech Tips to Rock Your Next Presentation

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Whether you’re a huge extrovert or you like to keep to yourself, all students tend to have the same reaction when assigned to present a speech: Yikes! Don’t panic. To calm your nerves, we suggest hanging onto the following speech tips before your professor calls you to the front of the room.

Handy Speech Tips for Your Next Class Presentation

Follow these speech tips, and you can give a presentation that will keep your audience engaged, get your point across, and achieve the “A” you’re hoping for.

#1 Make a Plan of Action

Even if you’ve been given a topic, you still need to decide the best way to present it. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as part of your speech prep:

  • Who is my audience?  You’ll be presenting to other students in your class, so decide why they would care about what you have to say. Do they already know some things about the topic? If so, elaborate and introduce new ideas. Do they need to know all the details or will they only want to hear details that affect them? Figure out a way to reach your audience.
  • What am I passionate about? Choose a topic that will get you fired up. Or if there’s a topic assigned to you, find a way that it affects you emotionally. The last thing you want to do is stand in front of a crowd droning on about something you couldn’t care less about.
  • What point do I want to make, and how will I prove it? Decide what you hope to accomplish with your student presentation. If you’re going to tell them fact-based information, you have to site where you found it. So before choosing a topic, make sure you can locate enough reputable sources to back up your statements.

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#2 Gather Information and Make an Outline

As you begin your research, start jotting down information that you find interesting or compelling. Make a list as you come across talking points, then form an outline based on what you’ve compiled. Following an outline will allow you to speak from the heart rather than reading a sheet of paper or a slide show word for word. One of the best student presentation tips there reminds us not to bore the audience by simply reading what we wrote, but rather to captivate the audience by telling them what we have to say.

In an outline, include:

  • An introduction
  • A “hook” to get the audience interested and reel them in
  • Facts and information to prove your point
  • A conclusion

#3 Practice

One of the worst mistakes students make is not practicing their presentation. You may stumble across a word you have trouble saying, or come to a point that you realize needs to be explained a different way, so it’s better to discover that before you’re in the middle of class. Give your speech to your roommate to get some feedback, then make changes before presentation time.

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#4 Give Your Presentation – and Don’t Sweat It!

Staying relaxed in front of the audience is better for everyone. It will be easier for the class and your professor to comprehend your speech if you’re not stammering, pacing, and wiping the sweat off of your forehead. Just talk to them as if they are your friends, with a conversational tone that engages them. Go through your outline slowly, wrap it up with a strong point, and before you know it, you will hear a well-deserved applause!

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