Sleep on a Cloud: Why You Need to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress in Beloit

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 33% of adults don’t get enough sleep. What’s the culprit? Most likely it’s caused by a poor-quality mattress. Having a mattress that offers the best support and comfort can help you get a full eight hours of sleep. You might be accustomed to a traditional spring mattress, but maybe it’s time to switch to a high-quality memory foam mattress.

What are the benefits of sleeping on memory foam? How does it compare to traditional spring mattresses? Where’s the best place to shop for a new memory foam mattress and bed?

We’re here with a memory foam mattress buying guide to make your mattress shopping easier. Read on to learn about the benefits of memory foam and why you should shop for a memory foam mattress in Beloit.

Why Choose Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses are a great option for individuals and couples looking for a mattress that can offer quality sleep. The density of memory foam conforms to any body shape and then pops back into place when sleepers get up.

If you’re used to sleeping on spring mattresses and yet struggle to get a good night’s sleep, then the solution might be memory foam. Many individuals wake up with a sore neck or back. This is because spring mattresses don’t always offer the support that the body needs.

Unlike springs, memory foam responds to your body’s pressure points and bends only where you need it. This means your neck and back can stay in a comfortable position.

Individuals who sleep on their stomachs get support near their hips. This prevents an uncomfortable inward curving of the spine while sleeping. Back-sleepers get support beneath the hips and belly, which aligns the spine. This type of support can also lessen snoring.

Memory foam mattresses make a great option for couples who are light sleepers. If you’re ever afraid of tossing and turning because it will wake your spouse up, memory foam can help. This type of bedding doesn’t use coils, so any motion isn’t transferred across the surface.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of your sleep, then switching to a memory foam mattress may be the perfect option for you. Today’s sleep technology produces high-quality mattresses that help sleep-deprived Americans rest well.

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Tips on Choosing Your New Memory Foam Mattress

When you head out to shop for a new memory foam mattress, it’s important to understand the different types available. Follow these five tips to choose the best memory foam mattress for you.

1. Choose Your Foam Type

Foam mattresses come in three different foam types: traditional, latex, and gel. Traditional memory foam supports your body by conforming to your shape. This kind of support can lessen pressure points and boost circulation.

Latex foam is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which means it can reduce symptoms of allergies. Although it isn’t technically a memory foam, it still provides great comfort.

Gel memory foam is a great option for sleepers who tend to get hot at night. It allows more air circulation than standard memory foam and draws heat away from the body.

2. Compare Density

Memory foam mattresses come in three different density levels. High-density foam mattresses are the most durable and firm. Medium-density mattresses make it easier to not disturb your partner because of their motion isolation. Low-density foam mattresses are the easiest to adjust to.

3. Select Your Size

You’ll need to choose your mattress’s measurements and thickness. Thicker foam mattresses will add more comfort but also cost the most. It’s a good idea to try out different mattress thickness levels to see which supports your body the best.

If you want to spend less money, consider choosing a thinner mattress and layering a memory foam topper on top. Don’t forget to take your sheets into consideration too. A thick memory foam mattress will need special sheets to fit its size.

4. Standard or Hypoallergenic?

All memory foam is antimicrobial, but some foam types keep away dust mites better than others. Gel memory foam is the most resistant to dust mites and allergens, but the high-density traditional foam is a good option too.

Latex foam mattresses are the only truly hypoallergenic choice, but not if you’re allergic to latex. If you’re worried about your budget, you can combine a standard foam mattress with a hypoallergenic topper.

5. Don’t Forget Your Foundation

The foundation and bed frame is often an element that’s overlooked by buyers. It’s an important part of getting the best support because a good mattress needs a good foundation.

Platform beds are a great option for memory foam mattresses. You can also use slat beds if the slats are spaced 3 to 6 inches apart. Remember, having the wrong foundation may void the manufacturer’s warranty on your brand new mattress.

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How a Good Mattress Can Boost Your Health

Having a great mattress isn’t just about feeling cozy while you fall asleep. There are major health benefits to sleeping on a high-quality mattress.

When you get a full night’s sleep, it can leave you feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead. Here are some reasons why a good memory foam mattress can improve your sleep and boost your health.

Better Spinal Alignment

A lot of sleepers wake up because of aches and pains from poor sleeping positions. When you have a good memory foam mattress, it supports your body so that your spine stays in a neutral position.

Lessen Snoring

Snoring happens when your airways are partially blocked during sleep. This can happen when your head and neck aren’t supported because your throat constricts and blocks airflow. Sleeping on a firm memory foam mattress can help support your body in a way that allows you to breathe easier and snore less.

Lower Stress, Boost Energy

A good night’s rest gives your body time to heal and recuperate from day’s events. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces more stress hormones. This affects your overall health and energy levels. Having a high-quality mattress can make sleeping easier and better.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Normal spring mattresses provide the perfect space for dust mites to live. When they’re in your mattress, your allergy symptoms will get worse. Memory foam is too dense for dust mites to live in. Because of this, a memory foam mattress can reduce allergy symptoms and help you sleep better at night.

Buy Your Memory Foam Mattress in Beloit

Our mattress company in Rockford, IL can offer you the best memory foam mattress in the market. This is because our team of mattress experts crafts every product by hand instead of with a mechanical machine. We’ve been honing our skills for 90 years and offering the highest quality mattresses since 1929.

Most big-name mattress companies will boost their prices in order to cover their overhead. Unlike them, we offer the most affordable prices because we cut out the middle man.

We also offer a range of mattress accessories to make your shopping trip easier. You can buy gel, latex, or down pillows to offer the most comfort at night. Mattress protectors are also available in any size so that your new mattress will last longer.

Finally, we sell a selection of adjustable bases to give your new mattress the best support. While you’re shopping, our sleep experts can help you choose the perfect mattress and base that will fit your budget.

If you’re still stuck between choosing a memory foam mattress or spring mattress, we can help. Shop our line of hybrid mattresses to get the positive benefits of both foam and springs. Our Easy Rest collection uses hybrid technology to combine the contouring quality of memory foam with the support of coil springs.

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Get the Best Sleep

You can get great sleep when you choose a memory foam mattress that offers the best support and comfort. There are different styles available to fit your lifestyle and budget. Plus, switching to memory foam can make your bedroom more hypoallergenic.

Getting a full night’s rest offers health benefits that are worth the investment of a new mattress. No matter your budget, our team at Beloit Mattress Company can help you find a memory foam mattress that’s perfect for you. When you buy a memory foam mattress in Beloit, you’re getting the highest-quality product and our Comfort Guarantee.

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