Buzzworthy Sleep Gifts for People Who Just Love to Sleep

Sleep Gifts

If you’re stumped on the perfect present for someone on your list, here’s a little tip: Everyone loves to get good sleep. So whether it’s a simple stocking stuffer or a whole new bed, your family member or friend will appreciate anything you give them that will help them sleep better.

Add These Sleep Gifts to Your List

Take a look at this list of sleep gifts that will help you mark everyone off your list.

Suprise Friends With Matching Outfits

It’s tempting to get your overtired friend a Starbucks gift card to help them stay awake, but what your pal could really use is quality sleep. Consider gifting some chamomile tea, cozy new pajamas complete with monogrammed initials, or high thread-count sheets to replace the cheap scratchy ones that can cause them to toss and turn.

Sleep GiftsPopular Gifts for Comfort-Seeking Friends:

Offer New Parents a Time Out

A newborn brings a lot of joy but takes away a lot of sleep from mom and dad. One of the best sleep gifts for tired new parents is to take care of the baby so mom or dad can sleep for a couple hours. Give mom a spa day and dad a day at the golf course when the weather warms up!

Or if you can’t spare time, gift them a sound machine to drown out household noise so baby doesn’t wake, a gel sleep mask to treat puffy tired eyes during the night, and an adjustable base to allow for sitting up comfortably in bed while feeding baby.

Sleep Gifts

Popular Gifts for Tired Parents:

Inspire Kids with Decor

A lot of young kids have trouble sleeping in their own beds. To make their bed seem more inviting, buy your son or daughter a fun comforter with their favorite colors or characters, or consider displaying them easily on the wall with sticker decals.

They may also feel safer with a cool new night light or stars projected onto their ceiling. Anything to make them love their room at night will make them want to stay in bed a little longer.

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Popular Gifts for the Little Ones:

  • Wall Decals (from characters in their favorite bedtime story, protecting superheroes, stars, etc.)
  • Comfy, Colorful Sleep Accessories
  • Night Lights
  • Bedtime Stories That Introduce the Importance of Sleep

Send College Students Back With the Essentials

There’s no question that college students love and need quality sleep!

Since they aren’t likely to buy things for themselves, a plush new pillow, a mattress protector, or soft new sheets make for great sleep gifts for students attending college in the fall. We all know that they take advantage of staying up late and sleeping in, so consider a pair of blackout curtains to block out the morning sun.

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Popular Gifts for Busy Students:

Spoil Your Spouse with Luxury

If your husband or wife has trouble sleeping, you’re probably not getting much rest either. To improve sleep for both of you, buy them a gift to relieve stress such as a massage gift certificate or soothing lavender essential oils. Or if your partner suffers from back pain in bed, replace your old mattress with a pressure-relieving memory foam bed.

Do you stay awake all night because your spouse snores? An adjustable base would allow you to raise the head of the bed to reduce his or her snoring and help you sleep.


Popular Gifts for Your Husband or Wife:

Find Sleep Gifts for Everyone on Your List at Beloit Mattress

Forget about buying pricey gifts for your friends and family that sit in a closet, unused. Instead, think of some gifts that your loved ones actually need, but won’t spend on themselves.

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