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Semi-Truck Driver Sleeping in Cab

As a truck driver, you know the value of a good night’s rest. Your bed can make or break your sleep on the road. That’s where we come in. At The Beloit Mattress Company, we craft custom semi-truck mattresses to help you get the best sleep possible in your sleeper cab.

We give you more choices to create a perfect bed for any make or model truck you drive. Don’t let discomfort impact your health and job performance. Invest in your sleep with a custom mattress for your rig. Your well-being is worth it.

Popular Models to Customize

These are our most popular replacement semi-truck mattresses, in order of good, better, and best. A free quote can customize any mattress to your specific shape, size, and comfort needs, including requesting special water-resistant covers.

Foam Royal

Foam Royal Semi-Truck Mattress

$139.00 – $354.00

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Foam Majestic

Foam Majestic Semi-Truck Mattress

$252.00 – $681.00

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Basics Majestic

Basics Majestic Plush Top Semi-Truck Mattress

$297.00 – $784.00

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Sleepy Semi-Truck Driver

Common Issues Faced by Truck Drivers

CDL drivers often struggle with back pain and stiffness. Tossing and turning on low-quality bedding can leave you exhausted and sore, impacting your health and job performance. You spend countless hours behind the wheel, enduring the bumps and vibrations of the road. This takes a toll on your body, leading to poor sleep quality.

Top 5 Benefits of a Custom Semi Truck Sleeper Mattress

Getting quality sleep on the road is necessary, so investing in a supportive mattress is a no-brainer. Choosing the best mattress for a semi-truck should be based on you, not what worked for someone else. With a bed built specifically for your preferences, you’ll experience more restful sleep, improving focus and safety behind the wheel. Benefits we offer include:

1] Made To Fit Your Trucks Make and Model

We understand that every truck is unique, just like its driver. That’s why we offer all the standard-size semi-truck mattresses, including 32×80, 36×80, 39×80, 42×80, and 44×80.

We also offer custom-sized options (in any size or shape) to fit your cabin’s sleeper berth. Our experienced craftsmen work closely with you to ensure your custom order fits like a glove in your bunk, whether you drive a Freightliner, Kenworth, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, Mack, Western Star, or any other brand. 

With our unique ability to build to heights from 4″ – 9.5″, you can maintain enough headroom in your sleeping area and still get a comfortable feel.

Semi Truck-Mattresses for Freightliner
Semi Truck-Mattresses for Kenworth
Semi Truck-Mattresses for Peterbilt
Semi Truck-Mattresses for Volvo
Semi Truck-Mattresses for Mack
Semi Truck-Mattresses for Western Star

2] Variety of Comfort Options

We build comfortable mattresses designed for semi-drivers. Our construction methods reduce back pain, stiffness, and pressure points so you can wake up refreshed and ready to hit the road. We offer various options like gel-infused, memory foam, solid foam core, and pocketed spring.

You can pick the perfect firmness level for your sleeping style. This means no more tossing and turning on a generic (one comfort level fits all) model – just a cozy, supportive bed that feels like it was made just for you (because it is).

Mattress Build Types

3] Reduced Back Pain, Stiffness, and Pressure Points.

Get comfort and support where it matters most. Our foam-only options aim to provide a firmness level that contours just enough to your body to relieve stress on your back, hips, and shoulders without feeling like you’re sinking.

With our premium options, we use our Luxcore Spring System with Power Edge. Individual coils react to your weight and position, giving targeted support edge to edge. With the small size of your cab, this is certainly a benefit that truckers appreciate.

Luxcore with Power Edge

[ See Specs ]

4] Enhanced sleep quality

Better sleep helps drivers stay sharp behind the wheel. Pocketed coil springs, high-density foam layers, and a plush knit cover work together to cradle your body, ease pressure points, and regulate temperature. We also offer gel memory foam to remove heat from your body and keep you cool while sleeping.

Wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the miles ahead.

Reduced Back Pain, Stiffness, and Pressure Points

5] DOT Approved FMVSS 302 Fabrics

Using DOT-approved FMVSS 302 fabric provides important safety benefits. FMVSS 302 standards require materials used in vehicle interiors to have a low flammability rate of no more than 4 inches per minute.

Our truck cab mattress meets all necessary safety regulations, essential for operating legally and safely. For full disclosure, they will look slightly different than our standard designs because we use truck mattress material required by DOT.

DOT-approved FMVSS 302 flame rated fabrics
Majestic Wrapped In DuraBlu

Verdi-Med and DuraBlu Waterproof Covers

We also offer Verdi-Med and DuraBlu covers, which are CFR1633 compliant.

  • Verdi-Med provides a waterproof, antifungal, and performance-strength Oxford nylon cover—a good choice when you share a bed with a co-driver.
  • DuraBlu offers a comfortable, water-resistant alternative.
  • Both covers are sanitizable, bedbug-proof, and shield against stains, moisture, mold, and mildew while lead and phthalate-free.

What Sets The Beloit Mattress Company Apart?

We’re a 5th-generation and have been hand-crafting mattresses since 1929.  You can trust our expertise. Here’s why we stand out:

Locally Made, Family-Owned and Operated

Family-Owned And Operated

As a family-run company, we understand the importance of personal connections and exceptional customer service. Our commitment to providing high-quality, hand-crafted beds for semi-truck drivers has been passed down through generations.

High-Quality, Locally Sourced Materials

High-Quality, Locally Sourced Materials

We truly care about the quality and safety of all materials we put in our beds. With many companies trying to cut costs by using cheap, foreign-made, inorganic materials, we focus on using healthy, sustainable, locally sourced components that don’t put off odors or toxins. Your sleep and your health are considered in all we do.

Customizable - Individualized Comfort.

Customizable - Individualized Comfort

We collaborate directly with you to find a perfect fit for your sleeper cab, no matter how unique its shape or size. We ensure satisfaction if you prefer softer, medium, or firmer feels. Our team of experts will assist in finding a precise balance of comfort and support for your unique needs.

Custom Quotes Made Simple

Ordering and Delivery Process

Our ordering process is easy—enter your details on our custom order page. Let us know your truck’s make and model, the size, and other options, and we’ll custom-craft a mattress that fits like a glove. We’ll call or email you to discuss options, including shipping. We go the extra mile with our white glove delivery service within zones 1-2 & 3. Curbside delivery LTL is available for any delivery outside these zones. 

Factory-Direct Pricing - No Middleman

Factory-Direct Prices

As a factory-direct manufacturer, we cut out the middleman and pass those savings directly to you. That means you get our best possible price without any salesman markup when you buy from us. No middleman!

Warranty Coverage

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Our semi-truck mattresses range from a 1-10 year non-prorated warranty and cover our more budget-friendly to premium selections. This covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

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