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Ryan Poppie, President and Chief Bedmaker at The Beloit Mattress Company, has been in the mattress and sleep industry since 1985.

Ryan has dedicated his life to the pursuit of perfect sleep. At the helm of a 4th generation family-run operation, Ryan carries forward a legacy that began in 1929, intertwining traditional bed-making practices with the latest technological advancements and premium natural materials.

For Ryan, being a student of sleep isn’t just about understanding the mechanics of a mattress; it’s about comprehending the intimate connection between quality sleep and enriched life. Every mattress that leaves The Beloit Mattress Company is a promise of a restful night and a more vibrant tomorrow.

In an era of mass production, Ryan’s passion for custom, made-to-order mattresses stands out, embodying his belief in genuine, personal comfort. His team shares this enthusiasm, their collective dedication driving the continuous improvement of products.

Ryan Poppie’s mission is simple yet profound: to enhance your quality of life through better sleep. He delivers a deeply personal commitment to this mission with each new handcrafted mattress. The result is an unparalleled sleep experience refined, perfected, and loved for nearly a century.

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