Premium Custom RV Mattresses for Ultimate Comfort and Perfect Fit

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Order your custom-built RV mattress from the Beloit Mattress Company, a family owned, factory direct manufacturer of RV beds. Shop our standard RV Queen and King sizes, or have us make your ideal RV mattress replacement in any custom size, radius, or notched corner. Our handcrafted beds provide personalized comfort, ensuring you get the best sleep on your next adventure.

Order A Fully Customized Mattress For Your RV

Get A Good Night's Sleep Wherever The Road Takes You

Imagine waking up to a sore back and a restless night’s sleep after traveling a thousand miles to reach a spectacular hiking destination. A good night’s sleep is crucial to thoroughly enjoying your road trip adventures and creating unforgettable memories.

That’s where we come in – our high-quality, handcrafted mattresses are uniquely created to provide unparalleled comfort and support for whatever shape or size your RV requires.  

The open road beckons. We’ll make sure you’re well-rested when you answer its call.

The Best Place To Buy Custom RV Mattresses Online

Don’t settle for anything less than total satisfaction.

We don’t resell big brands or beds in a box that limits your options. At Beloit, we use American labor with locally sourced materials to handcraft and deliver our own products to ensure your getting a pressure relieving, luxurious feel on your camping adventure.

Bedmakers since 1929

We’re now 4th generation and have handcrafted thousands of custom RV beds. Sleep is our passion and specialty.

We Make Perfect Fits

Custom-shaped and sized to fit snugly, maximizing space and ensuring compatibility with all recreational vehicle layouts.

Unbeatable Comfort

We use the finest ingredients to ensure long-lasting comfort so you wake refreshed and ready for the day’s next adventure.

Factory Direct Pricing

By cutting out the middleman, we pass the savings on to you, providing exceptional value without compromising quality.

365 Night Guarantee

Our 365-day comfort assurance policy guarantees that your mattress is just right and that your RV adventures are enjoyable.

Wake Up Refreshed and Enjoy the RV Experience

The Beloit Mattress Company Difference

Gone are the days of sleeping on thin, unsupportive foam mattresses that leave everyone cranky and tired. 

Our custom RV mattresses and toppers cater to every sleeping area in your recreational vehicle including, full-size for the master suite, Sofa beds, dinette booth toppers, loft and bunk beds.  Need custom sheets?  We got you.

We ensure that comfort and support is provided for the entire traveling party so you can focus on exploring new places and making memories with your loved ones.

Studies show camping is a great time to reset your sleep cycle, a comfortable bed can help.  But be warned – you may not want to get out of bed in the mornings after sleeping on our luxury RV mattresses.

Listen to Ryan Poppie, Chief Bedmaker, discuss custom mattresses and toppers in this video. To get started, go here for our custom order form.

We’ll Create Any Contour Or Angle You Need

“Any size – any shape. No problem.” Ryan Poppie, President

We cut mattresses with a wide range of custom corners, rounded corners, or any contour you want. Our bedmakers will guide you along every detail of the process, ensuring you get precisely the right fit.

RV Mattress Shapes

Rectangle Large Radius Foot w/ 1 Large Radius
Square Large Radius Foot w/ 2 Cut Corners
Round Large Radius Foot, 1 Large Radius, 1 Cut Corner
Triangle V-Berth
4 Cut Corners Split V-Berth
Notched Corner V-Berth Trapezoid
Radius Corner Off Set Parallel (left or right)
Cut Corner Side Cut (left or right)
Large Radius Foot Two Cut Corners (top or side)
Large Radius Foot with w/ 1 Cut Corner Side Cut (left or right)

The Flexibility Of Personalized Components & Materials

As passionate bedmakers, we know how much you value good sleep. We can help you whether you need a custom RV mattress or RV mattress topper for your motorhome, Airstream, tent, camper, or travel trailer. If you need a standard short-queen innerspring or hybrid model, that’s no problem. All our products include the most popular all-natural fabrics and materials and the best bedding technology. 

Custom Made – One at a time.

Components Materials
Innerspring Cotton Padding
Micro Coils Talalay Natural Latex
Nano Coils Joma Wool
Pocketed Spring Organic Cotton
Memory Foam Cashmere Cover (shown)
Foam Padding Bamboo Cover

Comfort and Firmness Levels Based on Types of Sleepers

Consider these factors to help determine your ideal firmness level for comfortable sleep.

Your body weight will play a role.  Heavier bodies may need a firmer mattress for added support to maintain proper sleep posture. Lighter bodies may want some plushness to help fill in the gaps.  If you love to feel fully cradled, try a plusher comfort level.  Its our suggestion to have a firmer surface for better mobility if you’re a hot sleeper.

If you have health issues like chronic back or joint pain, asthma, or sleep apnea, seek your doctor’s advice for any recommendations about your choices.  

For comfort levels based on sleepers sleep position, consider these suggestions:

Side Sleepers

Choose a comfort layer with some plushness so you get adequate pressure relief in your shoulders and hips. 

Side Sleeper Position

Combination Sleepers

We suggest a medium to medium firm to suit most sleeping positions while promoting a healthy spine alignment. 

Combination Sleeping Position

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers choose a thinner comfort layer that fully supports your lumbar so your back does not arch while sleeping.

Stomach Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers

Consider a thinner, firmer comfort layer to support your entire backside adequately, as the spinal alignment is critical.

Back Sleeping Position

RV Mattress Size Guide

Because we’re a factory-direct manufacturer, we can build each mattress one at a time, offering you exactly what you need and at the very best value. No matter the size or shape, we’ll perfectly fit your sleeping area. 

RV-Friendly Sizes Dimensions
RV Twin Mattress 28 x 75 to 80 in
RV Bunk Mattress 35 to 42 x 75 to 80 in
RV Three Quarter Mattress 48 x 75 in
RV Full / Double Mattress 53 x 75 in
RV Short Queen Mattress 60 x 75 in
RV Queen Mattress 60 x 80 in
RV Short King Mattress 72 x 75 in
RV King Mattress 72 x 80 in
Eastern King Mattress 76 x 80 in
RV California King Mattress 72 x 84 in

Reasons You Need To Find Custom Mattresses For Your RV

  • Standard mattresses have limitations: Thin, unsupportive, and uncomfortable options that fail to provide adequate rest.
  • Sizing and shape issues: Difficulty finding the right fit for your RV’s unique layout.
  • Comfort and support concerns: Standard RV mattresses often lack support for various sleeping positions and preferences.
  • Durability and lifespan: Premature wear and tear leading to frequent replacements.
  • Heat flash moments: Warm sleepers need specific cooling materials to avoid bed sweat.

The Benefits of Our Personalized Camper Mattresses

  1. Perfect fit for any RV layout: Custom size options include shapes to accommodate your requirements.
  2. You decide the type and feel: Personalized options that cater to your unique sleep preferences, firmness level, and body type.
  3. High-quality materials and construction: Handcrafted mattresses are made with the finest materials, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability.
  4. Improved sleep quality and overall health: Experience rejuvenating sleep that helps you make the most of your road trip adventures.

We Hold A 5-Star Rating For A Reason.

Since our inception, our passion has been to improve your quality of life through a better night’s sleep.

Read what these customers had to say about our personalized products.

Here is the completed 84” round mattress. Any size any shape. No problem.
Woman laying on RV mattress will legs in the air

How to Take Measurements

When requesting your quote, we must receive precise bed size measurements. Pay particular attention when replacing a custom-size mattress.   

  1. Length: Measure how long the inside of your bed is on both sides.
  2. Width: Measure how wide the bed is at the head, middle, and end. We recommend 3-4 different spots.
  3. Height:  Measure the top surface of the mattress to its base (thickness). 

Tip: Consider any drawers and custom angles and corners when measuring.  Also, consider the height relative to any end tables.  Uploading photos of the space is recommended to ensure the perfect mattress is built.

Frequently Asked Questions

Count on us to help you in any way we can.

Your questions and concerns matter.  If you don’t find answers here, chat or call us anytime.

What is the difference between a regular mattress and an RV mattress?

RV mattresses are a bit narrower. For example, a king-sized RV mattress is 72×80″ (inches) or 6×5′ (feet) with a thickness of six inches or more. Meanwhile, a standard king mattress measures 76×80″, adding four inches to the width.

Do RVs need special mattresses?

From my experience, a normal mattress usually does just fine in an RV if it fits, but often they require smaller dimensions. You can easily find the correct size by searching your model number on google. Our products are tailor made to fit all popular manufactures such as: Coachman, Fleetwood, Jayco, Forest River, Gulf Stream, Monaco, Thor Motor Coach, Entegra Coach, Holiday Rambler, Winnebago, Nexus, and Newmar. 

Can you use a memory foam mattress in an RV?

Absolutely! Memory foam is a comfortable and durable option but we encourage you to take a look at the materials and components we offer to ensure the best fit for your needs.

How long does an RV mattress last?

With proper care, your RV mattress can last up to 8. The design of standard installed beds are to be used part-time. A custom rv mattress’s comfort and support will hold up much longer.

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