Majestic Plush Top


The Majestic Plush Top features a 1041 Bolsa® Comfort Core ™ Spring System with Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter.


Majestic Plush Top

The Majestic Plush Top is our lowest price Comfort Core™ mattress.  This mattress is recommended for children, teenagers, guest bedrooms, young couples starting out.

We also stock it in the RV queen size and is ideal for campers. Its single-sided construction is low maintenance. Looking for a plush top, medium firm, a mattress that won’t break your budget? The Majestic Plush Top is it.

Build Specifications


  • 1041 Bolsa® Comfort Core ™ Spring System with Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter
  • Bolsa coils are stress-relieved, meaning they’ll hold their designed shape for a more durable, longer-lasting sleep surface. The individually fabric-encased coils offer a more comfortable night’s sleep by preventing partner disturbance and roll-together.
  • Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter features revolutionary, narrow-diameter Quantum coils that form a perimeter around the mattress, providing comfortable support all the way to the edge of the bed

Comfort Layers

Upholstered with:

  • 1.4 ounce bonded cotton & polyester insulator pad in the center 1/3
  • 1 ½ inch 1.8-pound density convoluted foam pad
  • 1 inch 1.5-pound density foam & .6 ounce cotton rayon fiber blend quilted to a luxuriously knit cove


  • Wood on wood construction
  • Five 1″ by 3″ heavy duty slats per unit
  • Twin foundation Only $65.00


  • Affordable; Twin 2-piece set starting at just $309.00
  • Low maintenance no-flip design
  • A favorite mattress for children’s and guest bedrooms

Full 7-year warranty

Additional information


Full Mattress Only, Full Set, King Mattress Only, King Set, Queen Mattress Only, Queen Set, Twin Mattress Only, Twin Set


7 Year

Quality Level


Sleep Position

Back, Combo, Side, Stomach

Mattress Type


Coil Count

460, cushion-firm

Coil Type



Split, Standard


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