Heirloom Pillow Tuft Top


Heirloom Pillow Tuft Top: The Heirloom Pillow Tuff Top is a single-sided no-flip design. The pillow tuft top is a tufted mattress with a pillow top feel. This gives the unmatched durability of an outer tufted mattress with a pillow to feel. The mattress incorporates a Bolsa® Comfort Core™ Quantum® Edge Elite spring unit (1057 coils) as well as a layer of 19 gage NanoCoil® (1872 coils), 2” Talalay latex, & Pure Joma Wool, and organic cotton knit cover.


Heirloom Pillow Tuft Top

Practically GreenThe Heirloom pillow tuft top combines the craftsmanship of yesteryear with modern-day technology and quality control.

The mattress is single-sided and hand-tufted. The mattress incorporates a Bolsa® Comfort Core™ Quantum® Edge Elite spring unit (1057 coils) as well as a layer of 19 gage NanoCoil® (1872 coils), 2” talalay latex, & Pure Joma Wool, and a organic cotton knit cover.

The “pillow tuft top” is hand tufted for durability and comfort. Heirloom does not require flipping. The foundation incorporates a PowerStack system for greater stability. The combination of the old and new-world create a bedding collection with superior comfort, support, & durability.

Build Specifications


  • SomniGel AzureComfort Core™ Bolsa 1057 spring with Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter
  • Bolsa coils are stress-relieved, meaning they’ll hold their designed shape for a more durable, longer-lasting sleep surface. The individually fabric-encased coils offer a more comfortable night’s sleep by preventing partner disturbance and roll-together.
  • Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter features revolutionary, narrow-diameter Quantum coils that form a perimeter around the mattress, providing comfortable support all the way to the edge of the bed.

Comfort Layers

Upholstered with:

  • .25 inch 1.8 pound foam center
  • 1 inch high 19 gage NanoCoil® (1872 coils)
  • 2 inches of 14 ILD Talalay Latex
  • 4 ounces of Pure Joma Wool per square foot
  • Organic cotton knit cover


  • PowerStack Foundation


  • Plush yet supportive innerspring, keeps your body properly aligned
  • Hand Tufted pre-compressed padding limiting body impressions
  • Natural padding
  • Joma Wool fire barrier – no FR treated materials
  • Firm seating edge
  • Eliminates motion transfer
  • Exclusive build style prevents body impressions
  • Pure Joma Wool for a cooler sleep surface
  • Organic cotton cover

About Nano Coils

About Quantum Edge

About Comfort Core Bolsa

Full 15-year warranty

Additional information


Full Mattress Only, Full Set, King Mattress Only, King Set, Queen Mattress Only, Queen Set, Twin Mattress Only, Twin Set

Practically Green



15 Year

Quality Level


Coil Count


Sleep Position

Back, Combo, Side, Stomach

Mattress Type

Adjustable Base Support, Innerspring

Comfort Level

Ultra Plush

Coil Type

Bolsa, Encased, Pocketed, Quantum Edge


Reduced Height, Split, Standard

Foundation Height

5.5”, 9″


G-Flex Gel Foam, Natural, Organic Cotton, Pure Joma Wool, Talalay Latex


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