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Dorm Life 101: Prepare for College with these Insider Tips

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Combine the fun of the dorms with the comforts of home. Living in the dorms is not always easy. The spaces are cramped, messes and odors can get out of control, noises come from all sides, and privacy is a precious commodity. This is an experience familiar to hundreds of thousands of former college students, and they’ve figured out clever ways to prepare for college that make life in the dorms a lot easier to bear.

With Help from Graduates, Prepare for College the Right Way

Take advantage of these insider tips you’ll want to know before move-in day:

  • Bring Quality Headphones: Between music, chatter, and cheers it can be hard to find some peace and quiet in the dorms. A good set of headphones will not provide you with silence, but it will block out the unwanted noises that make it hard to study or sleep.
  • Downgrade Decor: A dorm room should have some personality, but it shouldn’t be ready for an interior decorating photo shoot. Focusing on practicality first and foremost helps to maximize the amount and utility of the limited space available.
  • Organize the Essentials: It’s easy to over pack only to end up with an overflowing closet. Bring only the clothing and linens that you use the most along with a few special items. If anything extra is required it can be picked up over a break. Even a limited number of items can quickly turn into messy clutter in a dorm room. Consider organization accessories like hooks, bins, and cubbies. Dorm ceilings and floors are valuable but often unused areas for both storage and decorating. Keep these spaces in mind when thinking about how to personalize and maximize the space in the room.
  • Count on Getting Sick: In college, you are exposed to crowds of people every day and illness spreads fast in the close quarters of the dorm. Prepare for college health hazards by bringing vitamins, medicine, and comfort items from home. We also advise a couple cans of chicken noodle soup!
  • Think Multipurpose: Many accessories have been specifically designed for dorm rooms and provide storage space while serving a functional purpose. An ottoman, for example, can upgrade a standard-issue dorm chair while hiding extra supplies inside.
  • Make the Bed the Best: The bed is one of the only personal spaces in the dorm. Bringing things from home such as pillows, blankets, sheets, etc. to make it comfortable and customized helps make any dorm space feel more inviting and relaxing.


Prepare for College with the DormTopper

Speaking of beds, don’t count on the mattress that the college provides to be satisfying. These mattresses are selected for durability rather than softness and support, and most have been extensively used already. A DormTopper mattress attaches easily and was designed using quality materials to create a sleeping surface with that is just as comfortable as the bed at home.

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