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This Pillow Top Mattress Pad Will Restore Your Sleep

Woman waking up happy after a night of sleep on her pillow top mattress pad

Did you know you can transform your uncomfortable bed into a sleep oasis just by buying the right pillow top mattress pad? It’s true! Beloit Mattress Company puts the same quality craftsmanship into our mattress toppers as we do in our mattresses to create a plush, cozy sleep surface. Find out why our pillow top mattress topper is better than any other.

Better Comfort

Trying to fix a lumpy mattress by covering it with a foam egg crate topper just doesn’t work. This type of cheap foam breaks down quickly and won’t provide the cushioning and support you need for restful sleep. Our pillow top mattress pad is hand stitched using silky bamboo fabric and durable pure joma wool that won’t break down. Whether you’ve been experiencing back pain or just can’t find a comfortable sleeping position, you’ll be amazed how much better you can rest when your bed has the right topper.   

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Improved Breathing

If you’ve been sleeping on an old mattress, chances are you’ve been waking up feeling congested. Many mattresses and even other mattress toppers allow dust mites and their droppings to make themselves at home inside (yes – yuck is right!). But our pillow top mattress pad is dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, allowing you to breathe better and sleep more soundly all night long.

Cooler Sleep

While some pillow top covers for beds retain heat and make you sweat while you sleep, ours is just the opposite. You’ll stay cool until morning with:

  • Dense soy-based gel foam
  • Breathable bamboo fabric
  • Moisture-wicking New Zealand wool

Woman wakes up feeling healthy and re-energized after her first night of sleep on her pillow top mattress pad

Healthier Living

Germs settle into most mattresses and mattress pads within days of sleeping on them. But Beloit’s pillow top mattress cover is antibacterial, which means it combats germs to prevent you from getting sick. And since more restful sleep also boosts your immune system, sleeping on our ultra comfortable, hypo-allergenic, cooling mattress pad can help you enjoy a healthier, happier life for years to come.

Head to a Beloit Mattress Store Near You for the Best Pillow Top Mattress Pad

If you’re tired of sleeping on a mattress that hurts your back, makes you wake up with a stuffy nose, or just doesn’t give you the rest you need, you owe it to yourself to try a pillow top mattress topper from Beloit. With stores in Beloit, WI & Rockford, IL, you can buy one tonight and start feeling better by tomorrow. Find a store near you or shop online now.

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