Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment

Perfect Sleep Environment

Improve Your Sleep Environment for a Better Night of Sleep

Eliminate the elements that distract you from resting

Minor annoyances can make it a real challenge to sleep at night – a little bit of light, too much sound, temperature that is off by just a little. That’s why it’s so important to consider your entire sleep environment. If it’s not perfect, you will get less sleep and less quality sleep night after night which has a real impact on your health and mood. Each person has their own ideal sleep environment, but there are some factors that everyone should consider:

  • Clutter: We all have a tendency to pack the bedroom full of stuff that really has nothing to do with sleep – clothes, crafts, exercise equipment etc. Ultimately, all this stuff just distracts you from rest. For instance, if you have a desk set up in your room you will inevitably start thinking about work when you would rather be relaxing. Clean out as much clutter as possible, and make your bed the centerpiece of the room.
  • Electronics: This is a part of the clutter but deserves it’s own category. It’s tempting to relax in front of the TV or tablet, but the light these devices emit has been shown to keep you awake, and the engaging content they deliver makes you want to avoid sleep. It can be a challenge, but try and keep all electronics out of the bedroom.
  • Light: Everyone knows that light interrupts sleep, but many of us still sleep in rooms that are full of light. Cut out these distractions by turning off all lights, using blackout curtains, and keeping your phone stored screen side down.
  • Noise: Studies have shown that it is not noise itself that makes sleep elusive but the inconsistency of noise. For instance, you may be able to sleep with music on but find yourself roused awake when a car horn honks outside. Try to eliminate/control as much of the noise entering your room as possible. Make use of a sound machine to drown out the noise you can’t control.
  • Temperature: Your body temperature drops naturally as you begin to drift off into slumber. Keeping your room cool (between 60 and 67 degrees) can help accelerate this process. Make sure that you’re not trapped in a cocoon of body heat because of too many heavy bed linens.
  • Scent: It’s unlikely that foul smells are keeping you up at night. But going out of your way to fill your sleep space with pleasant odors can help put you in a relaxed state and invite the onset of sleep. Plus, if you use a particular scent just for the bedroom your brain will begin to associate that with sleep and get in a routine of naturally winding down.


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