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How to Pack for College: What Exactly Should You Bring?

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Stick to the essentials and leave the clutter at home. The next semester is a few months away, but most college students are already looking forward to getting back to campus. Many face a difficult decision – What are the essential dorm room items, and what are the items will just create cramped quarters?

Learn How to Pack for College

This guide for how to pack for college reveals the essentials for each part of the average dorm or even small apartment after your first year:

Study Space

An effective study space is essential, but that doesn’t mean bringing every office supply under the sun. Most college students will do most of their writing on a keyboard, so stick to the basics. A simple desk organizer can help keep the supplies that are necessary tidy and close at hand.

Closet Organization

It’s tempting for college students to pack up their whole closet from home, but most of that stuff is unnecessary. Focus on the clothes, shoes, and linens that get used most often. Specialized items like formal wear are not necessary, and depending on where home is located, seasonal items can be left behind until the weather starts to change.

Multifunctional Furniture

Dorm furniture is notoriously underwhelming, but anything that doesn’t come with the room takes up a lot of space. If there is an item – chair, table, ottoman, etc. – that seems essential, make sure that it will fit in the room, and look for options that have built-in storage areas..


Additional Storage

Speaking of storage, it is a must in most dorm rooms. Bins and organizers do a lot to keep things tidy and keep unneeded items out of the way, just be cautious about taking too much. The storage units themselves take up room, and if they are mostly empty, they are just in the way. Sometimes a removable hook on the wall is all the storage help that’s necessary.

Comfortable Bed

The bed is the oasis of the dorm room, so having the right stuff for it is essential. Comfortable sheets and blankets are important of course, and with a simple set of bed risers the space under the bed can be used for extra of storage. A DormTopper is another smart addition because it makes any old, ordinary dorm mattress that has had many former users feel like a brand new mattress. That makes it a lot easier to get plenty of quality sleep.

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