Overcoming Procrastination with These Back to School Tips

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Let’s face it: after sleeping in for the last few weeks at home, none of us wants to crawl out of our cozy beds and head to school. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after college break, but it’s also not an option to keep being lazy and miss important assignments. To prevent yourself from falling behind in your second semester, here are some back to school tips for rekindling your interest in classes and overcoming procrastination.

Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Stay off of Social Media – Except For Ours!  😛

  overcoming procrastination can be done by avoiding social media

We’ve all been sucked in by the Instagram and Snapchat magnet. Once we reach for our phones, any ability to conentrate disappears — and we can even talk ourselves into staying in bed during class time. Don’t reach for your phone first thing in the morning. Get up and get yourself ready so you don’t get wrapped up in someone else’s life. And if you want to know how to not procrastinate on schoolwork, put your phone in a drawer while you’re working on an assignment. If you’re still tempted to check notifications and messages, disable your social media accounts until you’re finished with your projects. Your social life will survive if you stay offline for a few days, but your grades may drop if you don’t.

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Tackle Assignments One Step at a Time

Hand Writing using a pencilOne of the main reasons college freshmen procrastinate on schoolwork is because the big picture can be overwhelming. Sometimes not doing it at all seems like a better option. Instead of thinking about everything you have to do at once and waiting until the last minute to do it all, make a plan to start on it a week ahead, then schedule something like this that will allow you to feel small accomplishments each day:

  • Day 1: Head to the library to pull together your research. Check out any books you’ll need or bookmark helpful websites on your laptop.
  • Day 2: Make an outline of points you’d like to include in your paper or presentation.
  • Day 3: Write a rough draft using the information you’ve gathered and your outline.
  • Day 4: Edit your assignment or head to the writing lab and check it over.
  • Day 5: Take time to make sure it’s perfect before turning it in.


Find Another College Freshman You Like to Hang With

two girls in a sun glassesA key to overcoming procrastination in your freshman year of college is to hold yourself accountable for your actions — or lack thereof. If you enjoy talking to another student in class, ask them if they’d like to study with you. Knowing you’re meeting up with a friend will motivate you to get out of your dorm room and do some quality work.

Reward Yourself for Finishing  😀

Coffee that has a hearth shape and a muffinInstead of walking away from your laptop every five minutes for a snack, which many college freshmen do, plan to enjoy a latte and muffin after you’re finished with your paper. Another great reward for finishing is to go for a jog, which is great for clearing a stressed mind.

Stay Healthy

Different Types of Vegetables Being overtired or sick will impact your ability to focus on school work. That’s why overcoming procrastination requires quality sleep, a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise to stay healthy. As you begin this semester, swap out chips and chocolate with protein-rich snacks and whole grains. Plan to take the steps whenever possible and head to bed at a decent time each night. Your brain and your immune system will thank you when it’s time to head to class.


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