Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Mattress

Mistakes Avoid When Buying Mattress

If you or anyone in your family find yourselves tossing and turning at night, your mattress could be the culprit.  When you’re buying a mattress, there are several important things you need to know to get the most from your investment. This handy mattress buying guide will show you more about some common mistakes people make when they buy a mattress, and how you can avoid them. Read on so you can learn how to get a good night’s sleep with a mattress that will serve your slumbering needs.

You Don’t Understand the Difference in Mattress Types

Before you start shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to understand the difference between the many types of available today. Whether it’s a memory foam mattress or an innerspring style, you need to know which one will suit your sleeping needs.

There are plenty of amazing mattress makers who use a variety of different materials. Each one offers various features that will appeal to a myriad of sleeping styles.

For firmness and total body support, a memory foam mattress Beloit might work well for you. This material conforms to your body and hugs your curves while you sleep.

Memory foam has a lot of great qualities, but some people might not like it depending on the level of support they need. Mattresses with inner coils could be a better fit for certain sleepers.

Explore the various levels of thickness, firmness, and materials before you buy a mattress. This will ensure that you have a good working knowledge of which style should suit you.

While buying a mattress online is popular these days, you should try to visit your local mattress store and try a few out in person. There’s nothing worse than having your brand-new mattress delivered only to find out it won’t work for your needs and you have to send it back.

Check out some of the latest hybrid mattresses that are available. This new style offers a mixture of materials that blends things like spring coils and memory foam together. When in doubt, read some real customer reviews to help you determine which type will suit your sleeping needs.

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You’re Buying a Mattress For the Price Alone

Of course, everyone loves a bargain, and a new mattress is no exception. And yes, you should certainly set a budget ahead of time before you go mattress shopping.

Keep in mind that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Come up with a set budget based on a few prices you’ve already seen online or at local stores.

With that price in mind, you can leverage your purchase with the salesperson to get a good deal. If you buy a mattress that’s too cheap, you’re probably going to be disappointed after a few sleepless nights.

This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and purchase a mattress with built-in temperature controls and adjustable features if you can’t afford it. It simply means that you should not sacrifice quality in the name of saving a few bucks.

Do your research and determine which type of mattress you want, then look at the various price points. This will give you a good idea of what you can spend and what you should spend in terms of quality.

A quality mattress should last you for many years, so keep that in mind when you make your decision. Price is important, but don’t skimp on quality or else you could regret it later.

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You Don’t Take Care of Your New Mattress

From sweating to spilled beverages, your mattress is vulnerable to all kinds of stains and damage. After you purchase your new mattress, you should include a protector to keep it in great condition.

Most mattress stores offer a variety of mattress protectors that will fit your bed size. These protectors are removable and washable, and they’ll help you protect your investment.

If you prefer, you can also add an additional layer to the mattress with a mattress topper. These toppers are made of anything from memory foam to quilted down.

With a mattress topper or a mattress protector, your bed will stay safe from potential stains and messes. It’s worth the extra money to keep the mattress protected from unsightly spills and other forms of damage.

A mattress topper will also give you the option to make the bed more comfortable. Try a few different styles out before you decide which one will work for you.

Aside from mattress protection, you will need to rotate or flip your mattress every so often. This will ensure even wear and will make the mattress more comfy to sleep on.

Ask your mattress sales representative about the frequency of flips or rotations it requires. Mark the date on your calendar so you can remember to adjust the mattress on a regular schedule to extend its life.

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Not Giving Your New Mattress a Chance

Owning a new mattress is kind of like a new pair of shoes. It takes time to break them in until they fit just right. After a while, you realize that it’s the perfect fit.

Too often, buyers purchase a mattress and decide they don’t like it only after a few nights. Give your mattress time to adjust to the temperature and air quality in your home. It likely needs to stretch out a little bit before it’s completely comfortable.

A mattress needs to “breathe” for a while before it can adjust to its new environment. Also, if you’re switching from an innerspring or coil mattress to memory foam, you may need to adjust your expectations.

It takes time to get used to a new mattress, so allow yourself at least a full month if possible before you decide the one you chose is not for you. This will give you and the mattress the time you need to adjust to the change.

You could decide that the mattress is too soft or too firm, but it’s almost impossible to make that determination after just one short week. Try to give the mattress a fair chance before you give up.

And remember, a mattress topper might be all you need to bring it an additional layer of comfort and support. This easy fix is much simpler and less expensive than attempting to get a refund and buy a new mattress.

It’s also important to note that every mattress store has a different return policy. Make sure you read the fine print and ask questions before you buy, or else you could get stuck with a mattress that just isn’t for you.

The Bed Frame is the Culprit

iron horse bed frame

Iron Horse Bed Frame

Sometimes, it’s not the mattress that is giving you sleepless nights. If you add a new, heavier mattress to an old, sagging bed frame, you’re likely to have some issues.

Take a close look at your bed frame and make sure that it’s in good condition. Look for any sags or loose parts and get everything tightened up before you add the new mattress.

A bed frame in bad shape can wreak havoc on your body when you sleep since it can’t give you or the mattress the support you deserve. If you have the budget, consider purchasing a new bed frame to go along with the new mattress.

Most bed frames are either made of wood or metal. Over time, wood slats can start to buckle or expand and contract with changing temperatures.

When this happens, you’re left with a completely unsupportive frame that’s often out of sight, out of mind. Be sure to inspect your bed frame to make sure that it’s in excellent shape. This will give you the support you need while you sleep.

Not all bed frames require a box spring, either. Make sure that your bed needs one, or else you could be using something you don’t really need which could affect your quality of sleep.

It’s best to inspect your bed frame before you buy a new mattress. That way, you can decide if you need to buy a new bed at the same time, or if you need to repair the frame before the mattress is added.

Avoid These Mattress Buying Mistakes

From not doing your homework to an unsupportive bed frame, these are a few important mistakes you can avoid when buying a mattress. Be sure to make a budget ahead of time and determine which type of mattress will work for your needs.

With proper care using a mattress protector or topper, you can extend the life of your mattress for a long time. Remember to let your mattress get “broken in” before you decide that it’s not working for you.

For the best in mattresses, toppers, and more, start shopping.


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