Memory Foam Mattress VS Spring Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress VS Spring Mattress

If you’re trying to decide between a memory foam mattress and a spring mattress, we can help. Both have benefits and drawbacks, so it pays to learn about what to look for in each one, and what type of mattress might be best for your individual needs and preferences.

Is A Memory Foam Mattress Better Than A Spring Mattress?

It really depends on the quality of the mattress, but it might help to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of bed.

A Look at Spring Mattresses

A Look at Spring Mattresses


Springs provide support for your body and can determine whether a bed is soft or firm. Typically, a thick, lower gauge coil makes a spring mattress more firm, while a thin, higher gauge coil is more flexible and therefore better able to contour to the shape of your body.

A higher coil count is usually associated with a more flexible mattress. In recent years, the bedding industry introduced pocketed coils, which are soft, separately wrapped springs designed to conform and support the body, as well as reduce motion transfer (or the ability to feel someone moving in bed).

Here are some general observations about innerspring beds:

  • They allow air to flow through the mattress. This prevents body heat from getting trapped under the sleeper so they can maintain a neutral temperature at night.
  • They provide push-back or bounce. Some people like a bounce in the bedroom.
  • They are good for stomach sleepers. Some stomach sleepers prefer a firmer mattress to prevent their hips from sagging forward.
  • They need to be rotated. If they do not have a pillow top, spring mattresses should be flipped or rotated every few months in order to avoid body impressions that lead to sagging in one spot.
  • They can cause joint pressure. Coils that are too firm can put pressure on the shoulders and hips, leading to aches and pains.
  • They can start to sag quickly. Many spring mattresses lose about 15% of their support in the first year and need to be replaced within a decade.
  • They are not always allergy friendly. Dust mites like to make themselves at home in the empty spaces between springs.


A Look at Memory Foam Mattresses

A Look at Memory Foam Mattresses

When memory foam mattresses first entered the industry, it gained popularity for its pressure-relieving abilities. It softens in response to body heat, allowing it to conform to the contours of the body, then it pops back into place when the sleeper gets up.

This quality prevents the mattress from sagging and can reduce aches and pains for many happy customers, however, since typical memory foam retains heat, some customers have complained about waking up sweaty.

Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision about a memory foam mattress:

  • Gel foam has cooling effects. Adding gel memory foam to the top layer of a mattress allows heat to dissipate away from the body so sleepers stay cool.
  • Memory foam maintains its shape longer than springs. While sagging is a concern with a spring mattress, memory foam beds are not as likely to have body indentations where sleepers lay. In fact, it’s not necessary to rotate or flip a memory foam mattress.
  • There’s no motion transfer. Memory foam makes it possible to sleep through the night without feeling a partner tossing and turning.
  • Side and back sleepers love the contouring benefits. Because shoulders and hips sink into the mattress, there is not as much joint pressure when sleeping on the back or side.
  • Quality memory foam provides better support than early models. While a very soft, cheap memory foam mattress makes the spine fall out of alignment and causes back pain, the dense mattresses of today provide enough support to keep the spine neutral.
  • Allergy sufferers appreciate memory foam. Dust mites can’t burrow into memory foam, making it easier for sleepers to breathe throughout the night.

Did You Know You Can Get the Best of Both Worlds?

As you can see, it’s a matter of preferences when it comes to choosing the best mattress. A great way to get the benefits of both types of beds is to buy a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses combine the contouring qualities of memory foam with the support of springs. They also provide a cooler sleep surface because air flows through coils, and they have a little bit of desirable bounce while minimizing motion transfer.


The Beloit Mattress’ Easy Rest Collection May Be Your Perfect Sleep Solution

In our Easy Rest Line, we combined natural Talalay latex, gel infused memory foam and an innerspring “Comfort Core” to create a cool, supportive, pressure-relieving mattress you’ll love. You owe it to yourself to check it out!

  • Natural Talalay latex breathes well and is dust mite resistant.
  • G-Flex™ gel-infused foam stays four degrees cooler than traditional memory foam.
  • Combi-Zone® Comfort Core ™ Spring System has over 1,000 coils for ultimate flexibility and provides excellent edge support around the entire mattress perimeter.
  • Firmer coils in the center of the mattress lend extra back support for neutral spinal alignment.
  • Available in a classic style or more plush gel foam pillow top.

Visit Beloit Mattress to Find the Ideal Memory Foam, Spring, or Hybrid Mattress

In our stores, you’ll find only hand-stitched mattresses made with the highest-quality materials. Come on in, ask one of our sleep experts for a bed recommended to match your preferences, and you’ll be getting the best sleep of your life in no time!

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