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These Memory Foam Benefits Will Transform the Way You Sleep

Memory Foam Benefits

If you’ve been sleeping on a traditional mattress for years, you may be hesitant to consider a memory foam bed. It’s true that it feels different when you lay on it, but keep in mind that different can be a good thing, especially if you haven’t been sleeping your best. There are memory foam advantages that you’re probably unaware of, and definitely worth discovering if you’re in search of a new mattress.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is made of polyurethane and a few other chemicals. It’s sometimes referred to as viscoelastic or low-resilience polyurethane foam, and it softens as it gets warm which allows it to mold to the body.

‘Feel It to Believe It’ Memory Foam Benefits

Here are just a few of the most noticeable advantages of memory foam.

Body Temperature Regulation

Even a memory foam mattress that starts out firm will get softer in response to your body heat. Then, unlike other foams, it will bounce back to its original shape when you get out of bed. This prevents the mattress from sagging and losing its ability to provide comfortable, contouring support.

The way it responds to your body is a big plus for keeping warm during colder months, but one of the only memory foam disadvantages is that it can make you feel hot during warmer months. Because of this, many memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of cooling gel to regulate your body temperature.

Pressure-Relief and Prevention

One of the top memory foam benefits is that it conto