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3 Reasons a Mattress Topper is a Dorm Room Must-Have

College dorm room with a laptop and head set on the table

Your Dorm Room is Not Complete Without a Mattress Topper

A dorm room essential you’ll be thankful for every night. In the frantic lead up to a new semester at college, it’s easy to mix up the essentials with the things that are better left at home. You know that you’ll want to bring comfortable bedding including extra-long sheets, soft pillows, and warm blankets. But all of those items are only as comfortable as the mattress they’re placed on, and in many cases, dorm room mattresses are less than comfortable.

Here are just a few reasons that a mattress topper is a dorm must-have:

Dorm Mattresses are Not Built for Comfort

It doesn’t matter where you go to school – Don’t expect your dorm room to have a soft and supportive mattress. The simple fact is that dorm mattresses are selected for their durability. And, unfortunately, mattresses built to withstand wear and tear don’t also provide you with an optimal sleep surface. But with a mattress topper, you can turn even the lumpiest, stiffest mattress into a perfect place for rest.

Sleep is Extra Important in College

Countless studies have shown the link between getting ample amounts of quality sleep and performing at your best academically. Unfortunately, college often involves long nights and early mornings, making it hard to get all the sleep your brain and body needs. That means when you are in bed, it’s essential that you’re comfortable and in a perfect place to drift off. A mattress topper helps you make the most of your sleeping hours.

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Your Bed is Your Oasis

When you’re in college you’re surrounded by other people at almost all times. You will likely have a roommate, spend your days in crowded lecture halls, and eat meals with whole gangs of friends. But everyone needs some time alone, and in many cases, your bed is the most personal and intimate space you have. When you want to retreat, you’ll want that space to be a sanctuary, and normal dorm mattresses just don’t cut it. With a mattress topper, you can recreate the sleeping surface you’re used to and bring some of the comforts of home with you to school. It’s an important but often overlooked benefit, and one you’ll be grateful for on the first day and every day after.

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Get Better Sleep With the Help of DormTopper

Trust us, college is tough and you need to have the right tools and dorm essentials to make your college journey a successful, memorable experience. With the DormTopper, you can rest assured knowing you are getting quality sleep night after night. Transform that lumpy, standard mattress into something amazing.

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