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An Everyday Mattress Sale That Will Give You Great Sleep

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You can shop all over Wisconsin for the best mattress sale, and you still won’t find the value offered every day at Beloit Mattress Company. Our handcrafted mattresses are built to deliver ultimate comfort that will last for years to come, all for prices that beat local and national mattress retail stores. So stop Googling “A mattress sale near me” and just stop by and see us!

Our Everyday Mattress Sale Beats the Competition

While you may have to scour newspaper ads and watch for commercials to find other stores that are having a mattress sale in Beloit WI, we sell affordable handcrafted mattresses every day! Here are a few reasons our prices and products are better than any other mattress sale you’ll find.

a simple decorated bedroom with a mattress inside

Factory Direct Deals

We build our mattresses in our own Beloit factory, using locally sourced products. We don’t pay crazy shipping charges to fly in materials, we don’t pay stocking fees or mark up our prices to meet retail store requirements, and we don’t pay a middleman to sell you the beds we build. We do everything ourselves — which allows us to charge much less!

Flexible Financing Options

We want you to be able to get great sleep that improves your life — without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer a couple of financing options:

  • A year-round, 6 months deferred interest plan
  • Periodic promotional deals such as 18 months deferred interest

An Extra 5% Off Already Low Prices

Just to thank you for choosing us over every other mattress sale in Rockford IL and the surrounding area, we always offer an additional 5% off mattress coupon for you to download!

Affordable Mattresses Don’t Have to Skimp on Quality

Our factory-direct pricing is a perk, but our low prices don’t indicate a lack of luxury. We use only the finest, most natural materials like latex tapped from local rubber trees, organic cotton, pesticide-free bamboo, and memory foam that’s eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. And we build each mattress by hand, creating durable layers of comfort that relieve pressure, prevent back pain, and allow you to drift into dreamland without having to toss and turn to get comfy.

a mattress with a laptop on top

We’re Not Just a Sales Staff; We’re Bedmakers

When was the last time you found a mattress sale in a retail store and asked the salesman how the bed was made, or how you should choose a bed that would allow you and your partner to sleep more soundly together, or what type of material could help you stay cooler at night? Even if you did ask, chances are you didn’t get a solid answer. When you come into Beloit Mattress Company, you’ll talk to knowledgeable experts who make our beds themselves — and who understand the ins and outs of mattresses. You’ll never have to wonder if what you’re getting is exactly what you want, because we pride our business on building you exactly what you need!

For a Mattress Sale That Never Ends, And a Bed You’ll Love For Years to Come, Visit Us Today!

No matter what you budget is, buying a mattress is a big investment. We promise to always offer prices that will give you the most bang for your buck, so you can be sure you made the right decision. Come see us at a location near you, or shop our products online now.


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