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Mattress Pad vs. Mattress Protector: Which Does a College Student Need?

Mattress Pad vs. Mattress Protector DormTopper

When it comes to your success in school, quality sleep is a must. That’s why when you’re compiling a list of college dorm essentials you’ll need, a dorm mattress topper should be at the top. Dorm beds are not built for comfort, so it’s up to you to make them comfortable enough to get the deep sleep your brain needs to learn. 

But when you’re out shopping for your college essentials, would you chose the mattress pad vs. mattress protector? We’re dishing out the truths here…

What’s the Difference between a Mattress Pad vs. Mattress Protector?

Think of all the other students who have lived in your dorm bedroom before you. They slept on your mattress when they were sweaty, sick, and who knows what else. A mattress protector can cover up those germs and stains from previous students, essentially protecting YOU from breathing in a lot of nastiness while you sleep.

In addition to the moisture and bacteria a dorm bed can breed throughout the years, the mattress may have also become lumpy or saggy, or have springs poking out – not exactly the perfect picture of rejuvenating comfort after a long day of classes. A mattress pad can not only protect you from your mattress, but it can add a thicker layer of comfort than a mattress protector.

With moisture-wicking material and a plush, cushiony surface, the right dorm mattress topper can make your dorm mattress comfortable enough to drift into deep sleep night after night.


Why Use a Mattress Pad?

We mentioned the health and comfort benefits of using a mattress pad, but the true advantage to using a mattress pad is the way it can help you get the best grades possible. Consistently losing just one hour of sleep per night can negatively impact your GPA.

With 63% of college students reporting that they don’t get enough sleep, and 72% of students admitting to performing poorly on tests when they slept poorly, it’s obvious that sleep is essential to your success. – Carnegie Mellon University

Using a quality mattress pad in your dorm bedroom can improve your sleep by:

  • Keeping you dry by wicking away moisture.
  • Keeping you cool with gel-infused cooling foam.
  • Helping you breathe better with hypo-allergenic and mold-resistant properties.
  • Holding you in place with straps that fit perfectly on your mattress.

➡ Have you seen our infographic yet? It shows you “The Shocking Correlation Between Sleep and GPA.” It all makes sense now!

Ready to Get Better Sleep for Better Grades? Try This Mattress Pad.

DormTopper, the #1 dorm essential for college students, is a mattress pad that’s custom-built for your dorm mattress measurements. Made with sustainable silky bamboo knit fabric, pure New Zealand wool, and gel-infused cooling foam, your guaranteed protection from your mattress and cooling comfort. It’s the best way for you to stay cool, dry, and comfortable night after night – so you can worry less about your dorm mattress, and more about conquering your 8 am college courses.

If you want to get good grades from the start…



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