Mattresses by Comfort Levels

While the mattress core provides the bulk of your support, the comfort layer will ultimately determine how comfortably you sleep. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most firm, average comfort levels are Soft (3 to 5), Medium (5.5 to 7), and Firm (7.5 to 9).

Consider these factors to help determine your ideal comfort level.

  1. Size. Heavier bodies may need a firm mattress for added support to maintain proper sleep posture. Lighter bodies may want some softness to help fill in any gaps.
  2. Cradling Sensation.  If you love to feel fully cradled, try a soft comfort level. If you prefer more mobility or tend to sleep hot, consider a firm mattress. 
  3. Sleep Positions. Side sleepers lean-to softer mattresses.  Back sleepers to firmer mattresses.  Stomach sleepers prefer a medium firmness. Combination sleepers consider a medium to a firm comfort level.