How Your Mattress Affects Sex

mattress affects sex

People Do More in Their Beds than Just Sleep

It’s something to consider.

Most couples need a bed that works with all bedroom activities, including sex. Most couples aren’t going to go into a mattress store and ask their retail sales associate “What mattresses work the best for sex?”

You never know when you might offend someone with a subject such as this. However, it is an important consideration when purchasing a new mattress. There are some key points you need to consider when purchasing your next mattress (aside from how the mattress affects sex):

  • Is it comfortable?mattress affects sex
  • Does it provide the support level you need?
  • Does it provide proper pressure relief?
  • Is it durable?
  • Is it a good value?
  • Does it look good in your bedroom?

Non-Sleeping Activities

But shouldn’t you also consider what you plan to do on your mattress, besides just sleeping? Many people read, watch TV, or work in their beds, especially if you are looking at an adjustable base, and should consider how a mattress preforms during those activities. But every couple should consider when buying a mattress is sex.


Sex and Memory Foam

One of the problems with today’s modern viscoelastic (memory foam) foam beds is a lack of energy return. This material was engineered by NASA to absorb energy. This is counter productive during intimacy. The bounce level your bed provides can affect intimacy a great deal. Beds with low levels of energy return, like memory foam or gel foam beds, tend to lack good resistance, making people feel like they’re sinking or stuck and unable to move freely.

This can lead to people not having sex as often or finding other places in the home to be intimate, which can be a whole new problem. Either of these solutions can lead to marriage problems. Often couples say its just too much work to be intimate on a memory foam bed.

The Best for Sex: Fabric Encased Coils

Marshal type or fabric encased coils tend to work the best for sex. They return energy, but not too much energy. They are also durable, knotted coils like Bonnel or Offset coils which don’t perform as well when you kneel or concentrate weight in a small place. They tend to break down faster over time. Open end offset will work better than knotted coils but still rank behind Marshal type in durability during sex.

When you’re shopping for a new mattress, be sure to check the return energy level the mattress provides. I know you can’t have sex in the showroom to see if the mattress affects sex, but you can roll around on it a bit to get a good feel for the mattress.

  • Can you move easily?
  • Are you sinking too far?
  • Does the mattress have a “dead” feeling?

According to a sleep survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council, some people crave sleep more than Sex.  In that situation, how your mattress affects sex could be playing into that scenario.  You don’t want to get your new mattress home and find out your new mattress makes intimacy a chore. The high-quality Marshal type innerspring like Leggett & Platt’s Comfort Core systems with Quantum Edge flex to provide the right amount of energy bounce-back for intimacy. Besides that, they are supportive, provide good pressure relief, are durable, and provide good motion separation.

Foam beds can leave people feeling stuck, but the proper innersprings provide high levels of the support and resistance necessary for intimacy.

Look for the “Comfort Core” Logo

The good news is you don’t have to ask us to show you what beds are best for sex. Just look for the “Comfort Core” logo on the cards at the foot of the bed in our showroom. These beds will work for everything you use your mattress for. Comfort Core is adjustable bed compatible, so they are perfect for sleeping, reading, watching TV, working on your tablet or laptop, and last but not least, sex.

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