Luxcore Spring System with Vigor Edge Zoned by The Beloit Mattress Company

Luxcore Spring Unit System

The all-new Luxcore spring system offers a superior sleeping surface, improves comfort, lowers the cost of our mattresses to the consumer, and helps our environment.  We manufacture the units in Willowbrook, Illinois, with American 100% recycled steel wire.

Luxcore Spring System by The Beloit Mattress CompanyThis spring system is ideal for platforms, foundations, and adjustable beds and is up to 28% cooler than foam (increasing airflow) and up to 26 % more durable than foam cores.

The unique zoning configuration of the fabric-encased coils means you get ideal firmness, comfort, and spring action, helping reduce that roll-off feeling while providing a consistent sleep surface that absorbs partner movement.

The revolutionary Vigor Edge Zoned Steel Perimeter features narrow-diameter Vigor coils that form a perimeter around the mattress, providing comfortable and superior support to the edge of the bed.

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