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How to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress in Beloit

How to buy a memory foam mattress

The size of the memory foam mattress market will grow to $1.05 billion by 2022. Memory foam mattress Beloit companies are growing in good measure to meet the rising demand for the mattresses.  Memory foam mattresses are becoming a fast-growing alternative to most other types of mattresses. This is because they provide extreme comfort by contouring to your body’s shape. They’re ideal for a variety of consumers that prefer to have firm and soft beds.

Knowing what to look for in a mattress is the key to finding the one that’ll adequately meet your needs.

1. Familiarize With the Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattress Beloit companies specialize in different types of materials in making the mattresses. The four main types are regular, traditional, air cool, and gel memory foam.

Regular Memory Foam

The regular memory foam is also known as Visco-elastic memory foam or Visco Foam. It’s produced from petroleum-based chemicals. Since it’s synthetic, it traps body heat, making you sleep in hot as nylon would.

This is the one reason that users complain about memory foam mattresses. However, if you wish to feel cooler while you sleep, consider going for the natural memory foam mattresses.

Traditional Memory Foam

The traditional memory foam mattresses took hold of the market many years ago, and for a good reason. The design of the conventional memory foam mattress is such that it cradles your body while you sleep. Consequently, your blood circulation is enhanced while reducing the amount of pressure on various joints. This type of memory foam is also anti-microbial.

It can reduce the number of bug and dust mites that contribute to allergy flare-ups. It makes for a healthy sleeping environment.

Another feature is that it inhibits motion transfer. If you have a sleeping partner who tosses and turns about in their sleep, you’ll hardly feel their movements.

Lastly, traditional memory foam mattresses last longer than most other types of mattresses. The materials used and the construction style also contributes to the durability of the mattress.

Air Cool Memory Foam

The regular memory foam mattresses attract complaints of being a heat producer.  For this reason, some memory foam mattress Beloit companies have introduced the air cool memory mattress. This type has been designed to reach your body temperature without overheating.

Once this level has been reached, the material softens, giving your body excellent support. The feeling is as though you’re sleeping on a cloud. The mattress responds quickly to your body temperature, channeling additional heat away hence making for a more refreshing night’s sleep.

Gel Memory Foam

The gel memory foam mattress works in the same way as the traditional memory foam. This is especially concerning motion transfer. Gel memory foam is also anti-microbial, keeping allergens at bay.

The difference is in the material used. Here, soft gel, like that used in sports equipment, is infused in the mattress. It makes for one of the best type of mattress in matters support. It’s an ideal choice for people who suffer medium to severe pains and aches due to poor posture.

Memory foam mattress Beloit manufacturers offer a more extended warranty on gel foam mattresses. This is because they’re more durable than traditional memory foam.

memory foam density

2. Ask About the Foam Density

Foam density has to do with the durability of the mattress.  For example, a 5 pound per cubic foot memory foam mattress will last longer than 3lb memory foam by almost ten years. Most memory foam mattresses have 5lb density.

However, be careful when buying mattresses that claim to have 5lbs. Most claim to have this density but fail to specify that this is only for the 1st inch of the mattress. The layers that follow are either 2 or 3 lbs. density memory foams.

3. Check the mmHg

mmHg is the measure of comfort. It’s a unit used to determine how a mattress will react against pressure. According to the healthcare industry, the standard mmHg measurement is 32, which is considered to be effectively pressure-relieving.

The more pain relief you get from a mattress, the less turning and tossing you’ll experience at night. A low mmHg means better blood circulation, but this is hard to achieve while maintaining high density.  The average mmHg is 12.43, which is a balance between comfort and density.

Remember that the higher the mattress density, the firmer it will be. Go for a memory foam mattresses if you’re a back or stomach sleeper for more support.

4. Check the ILD Rating for Each Layer

The ILD or Indentation Load Deflection ranges from 6 to 40. Memory foam mattresses have an IDL of between 10 and 16 with several layers, each with a different mmHg. The layers serve to enhance the comfort of the mattress as the layers work together.

A low ILD gives you a soft mattress surface; while a higher one creates balance and fully supports your back. For the best results, go for a mattress with a low ILD on the top layer. One of the other layers should have a high IDL for the best support.

5. Go for a Mattress with a Cooling Layer

Memory foam is temperature-sensitive. It softens when it comes into contact with your body heat. This is what makes it contour to your body. Unfortunately, there’s a type that absorbs too much heat and overheats at night.

Many memory foam mattress Beloit manufacturers now offer a top layer to increase ventilation. The top layers are made from different materials to promote air circulation.

6. Check the CertiPUR-US Specifications

CertiPUR-US is an American-based program for non-profit. It prevents memory from mattress manufacturers from including harmful products in the mattresses. These include toxic metals, dangerous gases, and ozone depletes.

While most companies will advertise that they’ve received this certification, it’s essential that you confirm. The certification standard is comparable to the European-based Eco-label.

7. Choose a Bamboo Cover

Memory foam mattresses have a density that inhibits the spread of allergy-causing mites. However, making use of a bamboo cover will go a long way in supplementing the resistance. Remember that bamboo is naturally mildew and dust resistant.

8. Check Online Reviews for Quality and Pricing

The final decision you make concerning the memory foam mattress you buy depends on your preferences. However, it’s always advisable to check what other people have to say about a product you want to buy.

Online reviews will tell you a lot about the quality, durability, and price of the product. They provide you with information on the relationship between cost and quality.

woman testing a mattress

9. Test a Mattress Before Paying for It

While still shopping around for the best memory foam mattress, test out different ones. It’s very crucial that you lie on a mattress to determine how it feels. Most stores will allow you to hop on the bed and make yourself comfortable in testing the quality.

Check each mattress type with the keenness it deserves. Try lying in different positions to test the authenticity of the labels.

10. Check the Warranty

Investing in a mattress is no small investment. For good quality and durable mattress, you’re likely to part with a lot of money. It’s only fair that you get the assurance that you’re getting value for your money.

This brings you to the warranty. Find out what will be required of you concerning the warranty. What does the warranty cover and will the company provide shipment for the mattress? One important consideration in relation to a warranty is how long the company has been in business.

A lifetime warranty from a new company that has just come into the market may probably not serve you well.

Before you send back your mattress under warranty, remember that warranties don’t cover self-imposed damages. Normal wear and tear are also not covered by warranties. Only manufacturer-related issues will be compensated.

11. Negotiate the Price

Once you’re satisfied with the above factors, it’s time to close the deal. The thing to do at this point is to negotiate the price, especially if you’re in a small store. In most local stores, the prices indicated are usually overpriced.

If you don’t negotiate, you’ll pay more than what other mattresses in the product line cost. Larger chains, in most cases, give a price that matches the minimum rates. Once you’ve agreed, go home a happy mattress shopper.

memory mattress by The Beloit Mattress Company

Comfort Gel (shown)

Memory Foam Mattress Beloit – Final Thoughts

Buying a mattress from a memory foam mattress Beloit company is a time-consuming process. This is because you need to check a lot of factors before making a purchase. A mattress determines the quality of your sleep and your overall health conditions.

Among the mattress types on the market are memory foam mattresses. Their qualities differ from one type of foam to the other. Among the conditions to check are density, mmHg, ILD, warranty, and CertiPUR-US specifications.

Once you’re satisfied, negotiate for the best price possible. Upon purchase, go home, take care of your mattress and enjoy quality nights’ sleep. In case you’re not satisfied with any quality of the mattress, return it as per the warranty.

If you want help finding the right mattress, be sure to shop online, or visit one of our stores.

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