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Best Hospitality Beds for Hotels and Motels

Hospitality Beds

If you own or manage a hotel, you know that quality sleep is important to your guests. Whether you’re hosting families on vacation or business travelers the night before a big meeting, a comfortable bed is key for customers to get the rest they need. Let’s take a look at some of the things your guests look for in a great night’s sleep.

Hospitality Beds Aren’t Just for Sleeping

Guests in a hotel or motel room often sit on the bed to watch television or just talk to others in the room. They also may use the edge of the bed to sit on while getting dressed. Because of this, the mattresses you choose should be comfortable but also provide support around the entire perimeter of the bed. Beloit Mattress has several lines of mattresses made with stress-relieved Bolsa coils that offer amazing comfort while sleeping, and have a Quantum Edge Steel Perimeter that provides support all around the mattress.

A Night in a Hotel Should Feel More Luxurious Than at Home

When it comes to sleeping at home, many people don’t splurge on the plushest, luxurious mattresses. So, when they’re out of town, they want to feel pampered with a high-end, ultra-comfortable bed. Beloit Mattress makes plush, pillowtop mattresses and all-foam mattresses that offer pure comfort, and some with SomniGel which is scientifically engineered to cushion for pressure relief, provide airflow for cool, consistent sleep, and flex for support.

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Relieve Pain and Pressure

Everyday life has enough pressure and stress. When guests sleep in a hotel, they should be able to relax and enjoy a sleep surface that doesn’t relieves pain rather than create it. Many of Beloit’s hand-crafted mattresses are built using Combi-Zone and firmer coils in the center third of three zones, providing extra back support that aids in spinal alignment.

Environmentally Friendly, American-Made Products

Today’s consumers are conscientious about using products that are good for our planet and that support our country’s economy. Beloit mattresses are crafted out of a warehouse in Beloit, Wisconsin using American-made components that are healthier, more comfortable, and better for the environment. We never chemically treat our mattress fibers. The natural materials we use include cotton, bamboo, pure Joma wool, and natural latex, like in our Heirloom Collection.

Hospitality Beds to Make Every Guest Comfortable and Happy

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