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Are You at Risk for Holiday Depression? Recognize the Symptoms

Holiday Depression

While the holidays bring joy to many, dealing with colder weather, money problems, and reminders of lost loved ones can result in not-so-merry feelings this time of year. If you have symptoms like sadness, loneliness, fatigue, and frustration, now is the best time to address your feelings and learn how to improve them in order to avoid falling head first into holiday depression.

Avoid the Risk of Holiday Depression & Winter Blues This Season

Feeling what many like to call the “Winter Blues” is more common than you might think. Any of the following situations could impact our mood and overall happiness, and the holidays could be a trigger for these emotions to surface more. It’s important that we highlight these situations to truly understand the reasoning behind holiday depression and how we can refocus our attention on what truly matters.

Reflecting on Life & Relationships

Holiday Depression

Death and divorce are major triggers for sadness, especially this time of year. If this is a time when you’re normally planning for your father’s visit or when you’ve always bought gifts for your spouse, the realization that life will never be the same can be crippling.

And if you’ve recently lost your job and can’t afford much this season, you may feel like a failure. Instead of letting yourself feel lost and alone, reach out to a support group who can relate with your feelings, talk to a counselor, or spend time with friends and family who want nothing more than your company.

Doing It Solo

Holiday Depression

If you think you can finish up a big project at work, sew your daughter’s elf costume, finish your shopping and host a Christmas party for the whole neighborhood all in the same week, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment which can make you feel “not good enough.”

Instead of taking on too much and risking ending up in holiday depression, delegate some things to others. Ask someone else to host the party, or at least allow everyone to bring a dish. Buy a costume off Amazon and send your husband to the store to do some shopping for you. It may not all end up the way you would have preferred, but it will allow you to avoid feeling overwhelmed so you can enjoy the holidays.


Constantly Dreaming of More

Holiday Depression

We’ve all seen the holiday commercials where kids are surrounded by presents or the husband gives his wife a Lexus wrapped in a big red bow. You may want to get everyone everything they could possibly want, but that’s just not realistic, and if you try, you could end up in major debt.

Clear your mind from “keeping up with the jones.” If you’re feeling depressed and are suffering from anxiety from this, it may help to take a look at those who are much less fortunate. Donating to a charity or adopting a needy family to buy for can bring our own expectations back down to earth and allow us to be grateful for what we have. The more important things in our life are generally not material items. Spending times with loved ones and giving your time can be the easiest start.

Letting Social Media Take Over

Holiday Depression

Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for too long can paint a picture that everyone else’s holidays are going perfect, but if you have family issues or don’t have a partner to share the magical season with, seeing all that happiness can just make you sadder. The truth is that social media photographs don’t tell the whole story. Any couple can smile in a selfie, but you don’t know how they are when they turn away from the camera. A photo is simply a moment in time.

During this holiday season, we suggest focusing on your own life and the important people that surround you. Give them all your attention and work on the relationships that matter the most – not the ones on your feed.

Forgetting About Yourself

Holiday Depression

Since December is such a busy time, it’s easy to let go of regular workout routines and stop taking the time to cook healthy meals. But we need those endorphins produced by exercise to keep our spirits up, as well as important nutrients from healthy foods in order to maintain energy. So if you want to avoid holiday depression, jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes before work and skip the drive-through window.

Explore “Identifying the Connection Between Sleep and Athletic Performance” to really understand the important role exercise plays in our life.

Ignoring Your Sleep Needs

Holiday Depression

Staying up late watching Hallmark movies while wrapping gifts is fun, but sleep deprivation can lead to irritability and increase your risk of holiday blues. Since sleep replenishes brain cells, boosts our moods, and strengthens our immune systems, head to bed early enough to fit in 7-8 hours each night. You’ll wake up happier, stay healthier, and be able to take on all the tasks that the holidays bring.

Still having trouble sleeping? Take your sleep routine seriously and start improving it with the tips we’ve highlighted in “How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep.”

If you have a loved one suffering from holiday depression or find yourself in one of these situations, we invite you to share this with your loved ones or someone who supports you. The holidays are about being together and lifting each other up, whether that is with your family or with your friends who are practically family!

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