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Why Is Holiday Break So Important to College Students?

Admit it: You couldn’t wait to move into your dorm and get away from your parents and a bunch of rules at home. But chances are once you were there, you’ve had at least some homesickness in college and can’t wait for holiday break.

It’s going to go by fast, so enjoy these next few weeks and make sure to fit in all the things you’ve been missing about home.

The One Thing College Students Look Forward to Every Semester: Holiday BreakCollege Holiday Break Girls Smiling with family

Ignoring All Things Academic Related

After constantly worrying about writing essays and studying for exams, you get to take a break from everything academic. On holiday break, you are able to sleep in a little longer because you’re not rushing across campus to your 8 am and your roommate isn’t waking you up.

So as you’re packing for holiday break, don’t forget to bring home the book all your friends are reading, your laptop to binge on Netflix series, and your PS4 that you haven’t had time to play. You’ll have plenty of time to just enjoy free time for the next couple of weeks!

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Filling Up on Home Cooking — And a Stocked Pantry!

Whether your parents are gourmet chefs or not, eating at home sure beats cafeteria food and ramen noodles in the microwave. For your entire holiday break, you’ll get dad’s pork chops, mom’s spaghetti, and all the fresh baked cookies your belly can stand.

And a big bonus you’ll love — you don’t even have to scrounge for pizza money or dig for vending machine when you’re hungry. Just pop a frozen pizza in the oven or open the pantry whenever you want!

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Seeing Old Faces — Even the Furry Ones

After weeks of getting to know the people in your dorm and in your classes, it’s now time to say goodbye to them instead of your childhood and high school friends you said goodbye to over the summer. Now that all of you are heading home for college winter break, you’ll have time to catch up and hang out at the go-to house.

And if living in a dorm has one drawback, it’s that you can’t bring your most loyal companion. Your dog or cat has probably been missing you as much as you’ve missed him, so play some fetch, dish out some treats, and spend some serious snuggle time with your pet before you head back to finish your freshman year of college.

Getting Comfy in Your Own Room Again

Say goodbye to your noisy roommate and lumpy dorm mattress. It’s time to get reacquainted with your comfy bed and enjoy not being awakened by rude, obnoxious music. For this entire holiday break, you’ll be able to have alone time in your room and catch up on much-needed sleep, which is important so you can start the next semester well rested.

😯 Packing Tip: Most schools give students about a month or so off for holiday break starting before Christmas to after the first of the year, so packing can be a bit of a challenge.

Months ago you basically moved your entire life into a tiny dorm, and now you’re forced to pack it all up for a month. We suggest packing staple pieces that can be layered and relayered for multiple outfits. Otherwise, your car will be packed to the brim and your bedroom floor will most likely be covered.

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