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Advantages of a Factory Direct Mattress

advantages of a factory direct mattress

Cut Out the Middle Man with a Factory Direct Mattress

The smart way to purchase a great new mattress

On television, the radio, billboards, and the internet, major mattress retailers try to convince you that they are the best and only place to find your next mattress. That’s ironic because in many ways they are the very worst place to find a mattress. These stores are quite simply middlemen – buying products from mattress makers and then selling them at a markup to you without offering any extra value.

Why not cut out these middlemen, get a better mattress, and have a superior experience overall? That’s what you get when you work with a factory direct mattress retailer instead. Discover for yourself what a welcome alternative this option is to the traditional mattress buying process:

Work Directly with the Mattress Maker

In the last two decades mattress have gotten a lot better, and a lot more complicated. Having more options to choose from is a great thing, but it also makes it difficult to find the very best option for your sleep needs. Would you rather work with someone who has never made a mattress, never seen a mattress made, and only received a list of talking points? Or would you rather work with a sleep expert who is also a mattress maker? When you choose a factory direct mattress, you get to access the expertise of the craftsman himself.

Get a Better Price Without Hassle

As we noted earlier, most mattress retailers do nothing but drive the price of the mattress up. The only way they have to support their business is to purchase mattresses at wholesale prices, tack on a huge price increase, and then pass that cost along to you. A factory direct mattress maker, by contrast, makes and sells the mattresses themselves. That means the price you pay is a lot closer to the actual cost of the mattress. They cut out the middleman and pass the savings along to you.


Support a Local Business

Major mattress retailers and manufacturers are global corporations that have no real stake in the communities they serve and no real reason to go above and beyond for each customer. Their interest is in making the most sales, not in helping you get the best sleep possible. When you work with a factory direct mattress company you work with a team that is based in your own community, made up of your friends and neighbors, and personally invested in helping you rest better. You know you’re getting the kind of personalized, committed service you really want when you purchase something as important as a mattress.

Find Your Factory Direct Mattress at Beloit Mattress

Beloit Mattress has been making mattress by hand and selling them direct to consumers like you for over 80 years now. We have mastered the mattress making process and pioneered a better way for people to find the mattress they really want to be sleeping on. We invite you to browse our offerings online, then visit us in person to experience the difference a factory direct mattress makes. You can also download our free eBook to ensure you find the best mattress available.

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