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A 2021 Guide to The Best Custom Mattresses

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We’ve all spent restless nights tossing and turning, readjusting in our beds, whether at home or while camping overnight, trying to find the one sweet spot that brings bliss to sleep. Through the use of custom mattresses, you can avoid this feeling of restlessness and sleep every night on a mattress handmade to help you find the comfort your body needs to experience the best sleep of your life. 

The Beloit Mattress Company wants to help guide you in your search for the right mattress. Follow along with this guide on a custom mattress to help change your sleep experience.

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What Is Custom Mattress?

Roll a way bedCustom mattresses are handcrafted, one at a time, to your specific needs, comfort level, and yes, even dimensions. A custom mattress allows you to accommodate your personal sleep preferences and bed size requirements. By handcrafting mattresses, we can not only build them unique to your comfort needs, but we can also shape them to fit your bed frame. Whether you need a custom RV mattress, antique bed, boat, futon, truck, or other, we got your back!

Knowing that you spend a third of your life sleeping – considering to get a quality custom-built mattress to fit your needs makes the most sense.  It’s essential to have a mattress built to the right firmness, material, and overall shape to experience the best sleep.  A custom mattress is designed specifically for you, not the store catalog.

A good mattress complements your body just right – and that’s important.  A well-built custom mattress will always:

  • Be made well
  • Fit just right
  • Bring the best comfort
  • Provide you with the best sleep

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Why Would You Need a Custom Mattress?

Depending on your sleep style, You would need a custom mattress if you need a certain comfort level, size,  or even shape of the mattress.    Custom mattresses are made to order; each one is individually crafted.  Like buying a new pair of shoes, you want a pair that fits just right. Ideally, your mattress should be 6 inches longer than the tallest person sleeping in its height.

Whatever your height, weight, mattress length, or width you need, a custom mattress is the best option.   

Custom mattress sizes are available for tall people, heavy people, and everyone in between.  If your mattress is too short, not wide enough, sagging, lost its comfort, has no edge support, sleeps too hot, or other, a custom mattress will help you solve the problem and get you back to experience better sleep.

And that goes the same for custom mattress toppers. If you have an older mattress or cushion that feels lumpy, too hard, or even too soft, a custom-mattress topper will help.

Four shapes of custom mattressesPopular custom mattress applications include:

  • RV Mattress – A popular choice from consumers, ordering an RV queen or RV king, even an RV bunk mattress will elevate your trip.
  • Boat Mattress – Whether you’re cruising, yachting, or sailing, having comfortable beds and cushions brings the best comfort and support.
  • Futon Mattress – Is your futon mattress worn out? You’ll be glad to know we offer a range of futon mattresses handcrafted with a high-density foam core and natural cotton.
  • Rollaway Mattress – We can make you a rollaway replacement mattress that will offer superb comfort to whoever sleeps on it.
  • Camper Mattress – Whether fifth-wheel or pop-up, we can make you a custom replacement camper mattress that brings you great comfort as you travel.
  • Truck Mattress – We can make a truck mattress for any truck, whether a Mack, Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Kenworth, Volvo, or other.
  • Sofa Sleeper Mattress – The key to adding comfort for your guests is to replace your old sofa sleeper mattress with the same size replacement mattress made with quality bedding components.
  • Murphy Bed Mattress  – Comfort is typically the most important factor when consumers search for a replacement mattress for their Murphy bed.
  • Even an Antique Mattress – We can handcraft a mattress to your exact width, length, and height. We can make any shape, including rounded corners, and even notch the corners around your antique bedposts.

When considering a custom mattress, look no further than one from The Beloit Mattress Company.

How Much Do Custom Beds Cost?

“Many people assume custom mattresses cost more than they actually do.” Ryan Poppie

Although we’ve been programmed to believe that custom means overpriced and expensive, that couldn’t be further from the truth with The Beloit Mattress Company.

By being a factory-direct mattress company, we cut out the middle man. This means we maintain high-quality standards and keep our costs down to pass the savings onto you. You’re able to get the best value possible because we make our own mattresses right from our factory and deliver them directly to you using our own trucks.

We also offer financing plans such as a regular 6-month interested deferral program and a promotional 18-month deferred interest program. 

What Are the Best Custom Mattresses 2021?

Of course, we’re biased, but we are 100% that you trust that The Beloit Mattress Company makes the best custom mattress. Review what our customers say to see how high customer satisfaction is our goal. These ratings aren’t only the result of genuine customer service interactions for online in-store purchases but also from people whose sleeping improved from these products’ use.

As a factory-direct mattress company, we’ve been handcrafting, made-t0-fit, high-quality, all-natural fabric mattresses, one at a time, since 1929.

That’s right; our passion has been to improve our customer’s quality of life through a better night’s sleep. We do this through innovation by using the best technology from Legget & Platt and premium, natural material. Speaking of materials, we never chemically treat our mattress fibers but rather use all-natural materials as much as possible without sacrificing comfort, durability, and affordability. This offers you the best in value.

And, unlike the big box stores, every member of our team spends time in our mattress factory, making mattresses the old fashion way – by hand.  

About The Beloit Mattress Company

A family run and operated mattress companyThe Beloit Mattress Company has been handcrafting custom-made mattresses in the USA since 1929. This family-owned company has improved its mattress quality through the use of innovative strategies and technologies.

The  Beloit Mattress Company is dedicated to cutting out the middle man by producing factory-direct products.

We are a family-owned company dedicated to working alongside customers.

Our goal is to improve your sleep with a quality handmade custom mattress.  


By shopping for your custom mattress with The Beloit Mattress Company you:

  • That you are supporting an ecologically conscious company.
  • Know that you were getting a handmade product that is made better and to order.
  • No matter the application, whether RV, Antique, Murphy Bed, or other, we can make any shape, size, and comfort level.
  • That you’re getting the best in value mattresses, all backed by a 365-night sleep assurance policy guarantee.
  • That investing in a mattress from The Beloit Mattress Company, you’ll soon be sleeping at your best.

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