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How to Get Quality Sleep Away from Home

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Turn any place into an ideal sleep space. Everyone has spent a restless night in a hotel or guest bedroom before. The simple fact is that once you get used to the mattress you have at home, it’s hard to sleep anywhere else. Part of the problem is that a new mattress feels unfamiliar. But the bigger problem is that guest mattresses are often not selected for quality and can offer up an uncomfortable sleep surface as a result.

Tips on How to Get Quality Sleep Anywhere

If you plan to be away from home for a day, week, or many months, follow these tips to help you sleep soundly:

Know Before You Go

In order to prepare for an unfamiliar bed, you’re going to need to know what you’re getting into. If you’re staying in a hotel, look up pictures of the rooms and read online reviews from actual guests. Find out if there is construction in the area or a convention in the hotel that could cause extra noise. If you’re staying with family or friends, think back to previous experiences sleeping over. If something could have helped you rest easier, don’t be afraid to make your preferences known.

Bring Along Your Sleep Essentials

Many people rely on an eye mask, earplugs, white noise machine, or favorite pair of pajamas to help them relax in bed. If something is essential to your routine, make sure that you bring it along. Since sleeping is something we do so often, most people develop strong habits involving bedtime. Don’t feel it’s necessary to abandon these habits when you’re away from the house.

Pack Your Favorite Media

Most people climb into bed before they actually intend to go to sleep. If you wind down at night by watching your favorite TV show or listening to your favorite music, make sure you can keep consistent in your temporary sleeping quarters. The place you’re staying probably has a TV or radio, but channel surfing is a poor substitute for entertainment you know you feel calm and relaxed.


Use Your Own Pillows

Depending on how you travel, this step could prove prohibitive. But if you have space, don’t hesitate to pack the pillows you use at home. Your body is already used to them, and much like mattresses, guest pillows are often poor quality. The same is true of sheets.

Make Time for Sleep

If you’re away on an exciting vacation or visiting people who you’re eager to see, it’s natural to want to get out of bed and enjoy the time you have. Rather than spending your days groggy and unfocused, give yourself plenty of time for sleep at night, even if that means bedding down earlier than you would like. No matter where you are, your body still requires adequate amounts of quality sleep.

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Recreate the Feel of Home with a DormTopper

These tips work when you will be away for just a few days, but what about longer breaks from your bed like when you go off to college? The same sleep issues appear, and as a college student, you can only do so much to enhance your environment. Rather than trying to get used to a lumpy, worn out mattress, recreate the feel of home with a DormTopper by Beloit Mattress Company.

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