Sleep Guide for Students [free]

The connection between sleeping and good grades.

Our new (and free) eBook, From Zs to As, takes a deeper look at how helping your college students get better sleep can make a significant difference in not only their grades but also their overall health and sense of well-being.

What You’ll Learn From This Guide

  • Does sleep deprivation have real consequences (even for young people)?
  • Is there scientific evidence linking more sleep to better grades?
  • Why exactly does sleep deprivation stifle learning?
  • What’s the biological link between Your As and Zs?
  • How small steps can add up to a big difference

We believe there isn’t anything more important then a student getting the best sleep in school.  Get all our sleeping expert insights so that your student can turn their Z’s into A’s!

Enjoy and sleep well, friend.

Ryan Poppie
The Beloit Mattress Company

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The Connection Between Sleeping and Good Grades