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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bedding Care

Caring For Your Mattress

Caring for Your Bedding

It is important to use the right steps to care for your bedding and to avoid certain habits to maintain not only its functionality but its prime condition. Caring for your bedding might seem like an obvious task but these do’s and don’ts ultimately will aid in your quality sleep night after night:

The Do’s of Bedding Care

How to care for your mattress – the right way:

Do rotate your mattress head to foot once a month for the first six months and once every six months thereafter (For Flip-able Sets follow the instructions on the mattress. Flip monthly for six months, then once every three months thereafter)

Do give your new sleep set time to “air” upon removal from its plastic packaging.

Do carry your mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle, and you’ll be less likely to damage the mattress.

Do keep your bedding clean. (Stains will void warranty) We suggest a mattress pad, especially if children use the bed.

• Do replace the old box spring when purchasing a new mattress. An old box spring may not provide sufficient support. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging when it is really the box spring, which supports the entire mattress.

• Do use an appropriate frame and center support for a queen- and king-size sets. Using the right support frame will ensure that your warranty remains in effect.

• Do keep your retail receipt in a safe place.

The Don’ts of Bedding Care

What you should avoid doing when caring for your bedding:

• Don’t let anyone sit, stand, or jump on your mattress. It was not built for that kind of weight concentration or abuse (This will void the warranty).

• Don’t allow your mattress to get wet, because some of the upholstery materials may compress. Protect it from water or other liquids.

• Don’t place a board between your mattress and box spring. Your sleep set is designed specifically to provide you with proper support, and the box spring plays an important role.

• Don’t bend your mattress more than 20°. Such treatment may damage the innerspring unit. Flex rather than bend the mattress when going through doorways.

• Don’t remove the law tag label at the end of your mattress. This serves as a means of identification to establish your warranty rights.

• Don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress. These chemicals will damage some of the construction materials.

Learn How to Get Better Sleep

To get informed on how to get a better night’s rest, as well as how to choose the right mattress for your sleep style, download our free step-by-step mattress guide.


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