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The Shocking Correlation Between Sleep and GPA [Infographic]

Man sleeping with a book while inside a classroom alone

We know how hard it is to leave a great party before everyone else or to tell yourself to stop studying and go to bed when you need just a few more minutes for stuff to sink in. But when you’re a college student, it’s imperative to get enough sleep in order to get good grades. Studies show that a lack of 25 minutes of sleep per night can cause As to drop to Cs.

A Deeper Look into the Correlation Between Sleep and GPA

Take a look at this infographic to see how the effects of sleep deprivation can harm your GPA. 

Making the Connections Between Zs and As

How Your Mattress Can Impact Academic Success

The correlation between sleep and GPA is a lot closer than most would think. To do your best in school, you must get quality sleep night after night. Unfortunately, those old, lumpy mattress toppers on every dorm bed don’t provide you with the right support and comfort needed to get those quality Zs.

A DormTopper by Beloit Mattress is constructed with quality in every stitch using sustainable Bamboo knit fabric, Joma wool, and gel-infused cooling foam to add comfort and cooling components for a well-deserved night of sleep.

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