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Beloit, WI

The Beloit Mattress Company
1946 Liberty Ave
Beloit, WI 53511
Local: 608-364-4757

Rockford, IL

The Beloit Mattress Company
6545 Lexus Dr.
Rockford, IL 61108
Local: 815-977-3127

What Our Customers Are Saying!

Always excellent service with a smile and a few good laughs. And if you need something custom, this is indisputably the best place to go. One of the last few very good all American owned and operated places with excellent service and prices 🇺🇸👍😃👍🇺🇸
23:04 11 Mar 20
Very intelligent and know what they are talking about. I have always been skeptical of these types of places but i was seriously impressed. Expert sales and service. Even stayed late to help my wife and i decide what we wanted. Awesome prices and impressive displays. I cant wait for our purchase to be delivered and see it in person in our house!!!
Caleb Ready
22:58 29 Feb 20
The best bed my wife and I have ever owned is from here! This is by far the best mattress company I have found, family owned and full of quality. I always recommend people shop for beds here, after a year and a half my bed is as perfect as it was on night 1, thank you!
Bill Futz
13:25 28 Jan 20
I almost gave up in finding a mattress that didn't exacerbate daily night sweats. Over the last year, I've purchased 4 other mattresses, and nothing worked and I was getting very poor sleep. By luck, someone told me about the Beloit Mattress Company and how they make their own mattresses. I didn't want any foam and wanted all natural materials. With the help of Ryan at the Beloit store, who spent several hours with me, we finally have a mattress that doesn't make me hot. Ryan was so knowledgable, and committed to helping me find the right mattress. I chose the Somnolent Pure Balance Pillow Tuft, but found I was still a bit warm and it was too soft. So Beloit mattress took it back, Ryan suggested that they remove about 5 lbs of cotton to make it more breathable and took out a row of springs to make it more firm. Now finally I am able to sleep well again. My husband loves the mattress as well. I also purchased my 9 year old son a mattress from Beloit that he loves as well. Thank you Ryan & the Beloit Mattress company for finally helping me sleep well again!
Chris Taylor
01:21 21 Oct 19
Bought another bed this time.. if you want a great bed, search no further
Freddy Fazbear
17:45 21 Sep 19
My fiancé and I picked out our mattress at the Rockford location. The staff was so knowledgeable and friendly, it made sense to just buy it there. He made the whole process effortless. I love my mattress! Thank you Beloit Mattress Company!
anna renfro
19:08 30 Jul 19
My fiancé and I picked out our mattress at the Rockford location. The staff was so knowledgeable and friendly, it made sense to just buy it there. He made the whole process effortless. I love my mattress! Thank you Beloit Mattress Company!
anna renfro
19:08 30 Jul 19
Great store. Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful associates. This isn't a store trying to up sell, but actually make sure that you actually love your product.
Whitney T. Helm
20:25 25 Jun 19
Ryan and the crew were most helpful in getting us the right mattress for our Camper... and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg! 🙂 I tell everybody who camps... or just likes a good nights sleep... to check out Beloit Mattress Company!
Jim Thomas
12:52 25 Jun 19
Wonderful customized service and knowledge! I would recommend this store to anyone who is baffled by all the mattress options now, or the materials being used. They even offer all organic options! We ordered a latex foam mattress and had it customized with an extra layer of softness. It's perfect! No high pressure sales tactics used here, just friendly service.
Nancy Jean
13:17 17 Apr 19
My husband and I had been searching for a quality mattress that didn't retain heat or transfer motion, and was made with organic materials. We actually were going to see what was available in Chicago, when Beloit Mattress popped up on one of our phones, and we thought, "Why not? Let's see what they have to offer." We were helped by Pearl in the Beloit store, who showed us all the different options, and let us take our time testing the mattresses. There was absolutely no pressure to buy. Eventually we settled on an Heirloom mattress, and we felt it was a good choice for us. It is extremely well-made, comfortable, and will last for years! We feel good that we purchased a mattress that was locally made, and will stand up to the test of time.
Delisa Buckingham-Taylor
02:55 16 Apr 19
Beloit Mattress was recommended to us when we moved here last year and found we needed split foundations to use our queen mattresses and beds in our new home. We received courteous and helpful service and left with what we needed. We've returned since then in need of a twin foundation and mattress and received the same quality service.
Linda Winkelman
01:34 16 Apr 19
Great services, good prices, and great customer service. I’ve purchased 3 mattresses from them a from the low end twin mattress to a higher end king size mattress and each time I’ve been in their the service was prompt helpful. I will buy all my mattresses from them. Highly recommended!
D Chu
23:45 15 Apr 19
I had a great experience when purchasing a twin sized bed for my child. The employee went through the different types of mattresses that they offer and was very knowledgeable about the materials and firmness/softness of the bed. Ordering was easy and my mattress was ready for pickup on the date promised. Would highly recommend!
Julianne Stewart
20:02 15 Apr 19
The quality of their mattresses can't be beat. They give a full disclosure of the quality of materials that go into every mattress. We've had our 2 mattresses from Beloit for a couple of years now and I can honestly say they are like the day they were delivered. Service is excellent as well!
John Arns
19:38 15 Apr 19
After arriving in my college dorm room and feeling the hard styrofoam of the beds, I knew I needed a mattress topper quickly. The Beloit Mattress Company was quick and polite; a staff member even offered to help me bring the topper to my car in the rain. I've had it for 8 months now and it still feels comfortable. The elastic straps on the back keep it firmly on my bed. The company even sent out an email just before 6 months to remind me to turn around the mattress pad for even distribution and wear. Much appreciated.
Hannah Kathleen Fisher
19:27 15 Apr 19
Wonderful customized service and knowledge! I would recommend this store to anyone who is baffled by all the mattress options now, or the materials being used. They even offer all organic options! We ordered a latex foam mattress and had it customized with an extra layer of softness. It's perfect!
Nancy Jean
19:57 23 Feb 19
We've been Beloit Mattress customers for 40 years and have never been disappointed. This family owned business is the best! I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for bedding or furniture. Excellent service after sale, which is priceless nowadays. Can't say enough good things about these guys.
Linda Brown
22:33 08 Feb 19
Great local business! So glad I made my purchase at Beloit Mattress, rather than from a big box store! Staff was very knowledgeable and asked questions to make sure I got what was best for me. They provided several ‘best options’ with pros/cons. Delivery and install was efficient and on time, with good instructions for operating (I got an adjustable base) and care/maintenance. Very pleased with the product and service from Beloit Mattress!
Caryl Goldsworthy
23:16 04 Feb 19
This is a great mattress and we have had it for about 2 years and it stills is just as it was the first day we slept on it. It is the best mattress and controls we have had. We had one before this one when we lived in Florida. It was not as good as this one. This was less money also.
Joyce Jenson
21:25 02 Feb 19
We have bought mattresses for every member of our family from Beloit Mattress and we are all happy with them.
Tim Whitney
13:48 02 Feb 19
The staff at the store were friendly and very helpful. They let us take as much time as we needed "laying on different mattresses". The two mattresses we purchased are performing as promised. I highly recommend this store plus I love the products they use when making the mattresses.
19:51 01 Feb 19
Start to finish, Beloit Mattresss is the best in knowledge, quality, and most of all a good nights sleep. Keep up the good work Ryan !
stanley beebe
18:15 01 Feb 19
We purchased 30 mattresses from Beloit Mattress and they have proven to be the best mattresses we have ever owned. One big feature of their service is that they removed our old mattresses and set up the new ones.So happy we even display on our hotel signage!Thank you Ryan and Steve for your excellent product and the service that goes along with it. Bud Metzger, Forty Winks Inn, Wauwatosa, WI
Bud Metzger
13:59 01 Feb 19
I really like my new mattress. Thanks.
Kristin Landerholm
13:31 01 Feb 19
You were amazing!! I needed a boxspring within two hours. Called, found one, paid for it over the phone and it was delivered before noon! I couldn't have asked for a better turn out. Thank you Beloit Mattress!
Bridget Dencker
13:09 01 Feb 19
Fantastic! My purchase was well beyond my expectation. Fast delivery. Quality materials. Wow, my sleep is so much better. Highly recommend. Will order from this company again.
Elizabeth Foley
02:05 08 Jan 19
I purchased a new futon mattress. The store personnel were knowledgeable and very helpful. The delivery men were friendly and even put the cover on the mattress for me. I would definitely recommend Beloit Mattress.
Mary Griffith
21:18 12 Oct 18
Great service, good people and two of the best dogs ever!
Therese Simpson
15:13 07 Sep 18
Purchased two Toppers. One for Twin sleeper sofa bed and the other for a Queen sofa bed. Very pleased and price was right!
Robert Bosma
13:01 03 Sep 18
Bought my mattress topper from here, and I was so happy when it arrived! I haven't moved into my dorm yet, but when I unpacked my Dormtopper I knew I made the best choice. So soft and comfy, and I love the company's sustainability efforts!
Anastasia Machl
00:02 09 Aug 18
We had a dead remote for our adjustable bed. New duraclls just like ones we have used for six years. They stuck some cheapies in it to try. Not dead anymore and bed works fine. They wouldn't let me pay for the cheapies.
16:58 24 Mar 18
Prices are good, people friendly and helpful. Best part is the mattresses are made here.
Cindy Hyland
18:36 16 Mar 18
I try to buy local the nicest people u can meet in a small town glad i tried them first great prices
Robin Cansler
19:05 17 Dec 17
While doing research on mattresses I came across a review of Beloit Mattress Company and decided to give them a try even though they were over fifty miles away. Their staff was incredibly knowledgeable and courteous (they are mattress geeks; I mean that in a good way). They can tell you exactly what components are inside your mattress and what purpose they serve. Speaking of components, all mattresses are made on site (using materials made in the USA) and I was even able to take a tour of their factory. Their staff is not paid on commission and they seemed genuinely interested in helping you find the best mattress for your budget and situation. The price of the mattress is listed right on the product; no haggling involved. I never felt pressured into purchasing anything from them and was even told that the less expensive mattress maybe a better fit for me. I ended up purchasing the cheaper of the mattresses that I was looking at and it is incredibly comfortable and I'm sure it will last for years to come. I highly recommend visiting Beloit Mattress Company.3 Year Update: The bed is still great and I plan on vising them again next time I need to replace my bed.
Adrian Koski
04:19 03 Dec 17
Very personable and helpful. Looked around for what we wanted but would have had to order at other places. They have a big inventory and will have what you want.
Adam Bell
20:06 25 Aug 17

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