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Common Causes of Sleep Deprivation in College Students

sleep deprivation in college students

Sleep Deprivation in College Students is a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Get the sleep you need to succeed. We tend to think of college students the same way we think of house cats – they will sleep anywhere, at any time, for as long as possible. The reality, however, is that many college students don’t get enough sleep, and when they do it’s not quality sleep. That has a direct impact on classroom performance and can also put stress on the student’s physical and emotional health. For those reasons, it’s important to understand the causes sleep deprivation in college students and how to spot symptoms of the problem.

Causes of Sleep Deprivation in College Students

College Sleep Deprivation

Everyone’s college experience is a little bit different, but some factors affect sleep that tends to be universal:

Freedom. College students who are on their own for the first time don’t have anyone to tell them how to use their time. Many choose to stay up late socializing and enjoying dorm life when they should be sleeping.

Stress. The combined demands of classes, clubs, and extracurricular activities can put a lot of stress on a college student’s shoulders. It’s often necessary to sacrifice sleep in order to get everything done on time.

Environment. Sometimes the problem is not the student himself but the environment around him. Living in a dorm, fraternity, or campus house where there is often loud music and noisy neighbors can make it much harder to get restful sleep.

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Signs of Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation in college students

Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time. Sleep deprivation is when you regularly have trouble sleeping, and it begins to affect your mood and performance in your waking life. If you’ve been suffering from sleep deprivation for some time now, explore “Sleep Deprivation: Exploring Sleep Quality in Both Genders” to better understand the steps needed to prevent and treat the problem.

If you have children in college, or a college student yourself, be mindful of these common signs:

  • Falling asleep when you did not intend to – in class or at a movie.
  • Having difficulty focusing and retaining information.
  • Experiencing moodiness and irritability more often or with greater intensity.
  • Getting sick regularly and showing signs of a compromised immune symptom
  • Struggling with slower reaction time and an increased proneness to accidents
  • Craving carbs, sweets, and high-fat foods and drinks more frequently.
  • Taking longer than normal to wake up in the morning.

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