College Homecoming Decor Ideas to Crush Over This Football Season

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College Homecoming Decor Ideas DormTopper
Reading Time: 4 minutes

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Fall is in the air, and you know what that means: Pep rallies, parades, and college football games. That’s right – it’s college homecoming season! According to, college “coming home” celebrations first started around 1910 when a few large universities hosted a football game, rallies, parades, and dances in hopes of uniting alumni and students. By 1920, schools around the nation jumped on board, and since then, college homecoming is a big deal on just about every U.S. campus.

We’re Falling For These College Homecoming Ideas

As excitement starts to build for the upcoming weeks, here are some themes and trends you may want to try this year to get everyone pumped up. One of the most exciting things about homecoming season is choosing a theme for campus decorations, parades, and rallies. Here are a few popular ideas:

Draw Inspiration From the Past

Pick a year or even a fun decade in your school’s history, and print and frame photos of the campus, students, and faculty during that time. Try “Back to the 80s” for some cheesy fun decor and fashion ideas, or “1955” if that’s when the school was founded. If you’re looking for door decorating ideas, post-historical facts about the college during that time, such as the names of athletes who broke records in that decade or year. Students, as well as alumni, will be excited to learn fun things about their beloved university.

Focus On the Future

Your school has changed a lot since it first opened, but how will it change in the future? Pin designs of buildings and departments the school is planning to build. Have each department host seminars about where industries are projected to be in 10 years – you could even invite alumni from that department to discuss career trends. Or you could peek even further into the future with what the campus may look like 50 years down the road. Aliens, spaceships, and robots wearing school sweatshirts could dance on parade floats and be seen all over campus on banners and door decorations.


Show Your Pride

This is always one of the most popular homecoming themes, hang up flags and other university-themed decor in your dorm room or apartment. Everyone loves to draw the school mascot on banners, chalk up the sidewalks, wear school colors to college football games, but you could take your pride a step further and showcase your college’s accomplishments. Has your school received an impressive award or made national news? Post newspaper clippings or magazine articles in hallways or on doors to show students and alumni that they have a reason to be proud. For more theme ideas, check out this list on Northern Arizona University’s website of all the themes in its homecoming history.

We’re Revealing One Secret Weapon For Game Day

animated football helmet

Ways to Show Game Day School Spirit

These events during college homecoming week are what make students and alumni look forward to in Fall.

Decorating Doors

Trying to come up with a way to win the door decorating contest? Get together with your fraternity or sorority and get creative. Once you know your college homecoming theme, you can jump online and get some great door decorating ideas on Pinterest, then just head to the dollar store for some cheap supplies and get to work! Parade


The homecoming parade is a way for student organizations, school bands, sports teams, and departments to show their school spirit. Making a float requires teamwork, so start planning early and order your supplies! Here are some fun homecoming parade float ideas.

Celebrate From the Parking Lot

Whether it’s for a couple of hours before the game or you skip the game altogether, an awesome tailgate gathering in the stadium parking lot is a must. To throw an unforgettable gameday celebration, you must wear your school spirit, pack your favorite snacks, and invite your best group of friends!

Rest Up! College Homecoming is a Busy Week

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