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College Expectations vs. Reality – What Every Student Should Know

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For decades, movies have painted a picture of college life that every teenager envies: joining clubs and social groups, becoming besties with roommates, and most enticing of all, freedom. As much as we want our kids to look forward to living on campus, it’s important to discuss how their college expectations might differ from reality. 

Important College Expectations for Every Student

Here are a few things that students should keep in mind as they set forth on their new adventure.

College is Hard Work

Parents may no longer be breathing down their necks to finish homework, but students should know that college courses require a lot of research, writing and long hours of studying. It may be hard for your teen to stay disciplined with all the distractions of living on his own. They’ll have to find a quiet place to concentrate in order to complete assignments, so if a roommate isn’t considerate about the noise level, the library may become his new best friend.

Roommates May Not Click

Another false college expectation your child may have is that they will get along with their roommate swimmingly. Maybe the talked to people who are still pals with fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, but the reality is that many kids end up stuck with roommates they can’t stand. If your child ends up with an inconsiderate roommate who eats his food, plays loud music all the time or stays up all night long, your kid will have to speak up. It will be a long school year if roommates don’t have the awkward discussion about respecting each other up front.


Sleep is a College Necessity

Many college movies make it look possible to function after staying up all night. The truth is without sleep, the brain can’t process all of the important information being taught in classes. Even if they aren’t partying, they may not be sleeping because they’re studying too late, or just can’t fall asleep in a stuffy dorm room with an uncomfortable bed. Let your student know that they should establish a sleep schedule so it’s possible to get a minimum of six hours of sleep per night. If sleep isn’t feasible with their current roommate, they may need to talk to the floor R.A. If their dorm bed isn’t comfortable enough to get quality sleep, look into getting a mattress topper that provides more support than the dorm mattress.

College Reality Requires a Comfortable Mattress

We worry about our kids eating enough and staying healthy while they are away at school, but getting quality sleep ranks right up there as well. Dorm mattresses are not built for comfort, and they’re used over and over by multiple students making them breeding grounds for bacteria.

College Expectations vs. Reality – What Every Student Should Know

Quality Mattress, Better Grades

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