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College Checklist of the Top 15 Essentials for Your Dorm

kissing your mom goodbye is at the top of the dormtopper college checklist

When you’re a college freshman, it can be totally overwhelming to know what you’ll need during your first year. To prevent you from freaking out, we’ve compiled a list of the essential freshman fifteen, a college checklist of things you really can’t do without when living in a dorm room.

The College Checklist You’ll Be Glad You Had



There’s a reason this is number one on our college checklist. No matter how excited you are to live on your own, you will miss home. Whether it’s your parents, your siblings or your pets, be sure to pack some photos of loved ones that you can look at every day for comfort.


Many college dorms have twin XL mattresses, which are five inches longer than a traditional twin bed. If you take a standard set of twin sheets, you’ll have trouble getting them on and they’ll constantly be slipping off. So be sure to check with your school to find out what size sheets you should bring.


You won’t have your own bathroom in college. Instead, you’ll be carrying your shampoo, soap, shaving cream and razors back and forth to a shared shower. To keep all of this stuff organized and easy to carry, bring a shower caddy with you.


Even if you don’t like coffee now, the average college freshman ends up drinking it not long into the first semester. Being able to brew your own coffee in your room is handy when you’re totally exhausted, and having a coffee maker is also a great way to prevent you from gaining the notorious freshman 15! Instead of ordering fattening pizza, use it to boil eggs or steam veggies. Just be sure to bring soap so your coffee doesn’t end up tasting like broccoli.


You can’t nail holes in your dorm room walls, so this is an important thing to have on your college checklist. Use them to hang those family photos we mentioned, or to hang hats, towels, or other artwork on the wall.


You’ll either be using a community washer and dryer on campus or heading to the laundromat, so bring a laundry basket to haul your clothes and bedding back and forth, and lots of quarters to put in the laundry machines.


You’ll want to tame your bed head before classes and see how your outfit looks when going to social events and gatherings. So, bring along a full-length mirror that you can hang on the back of your door.


No college checklist is complete without a few of these. Your dorm room smell will consist of sweat, body odor, dirty clothes, leftover food and who knows what else. Candles and wax warmers can be dangerous in a dorm room, so bring along some spray cans of air freshener to combat those smells.


If you’re lucky, your dorm room will have air conditioning, but sometimes you can’t control how cool your room will get. And even in cooler months, your small room will get stuffy. Bring a small fan to help circulate the air, and also to drown out some of the noise from the hallway when you want to sleep or study.


These are popular with college freshmen not only to store shoes but also to organize underwear, socks, makeup or any other loose items. Hang one on the back of your door and one in your closet to easily reach the things you need.


As a freshman, you’ll probably be eating most of your meals in the cafeteria. But you will want to keep some snacks on hand for when you’re chilling in your room or studying late at night. You’ll also want to have forks and spoons, so make sure to bring those.


A charger isn’t just a suggestion; it’s a necessity. You’ll need to charge your phone or tablet every night, and if you carry your charger into friends’ rooms, there’s a possibility you’ll lose it. It’s best to bring an extra charger or two for “just in case,” so you don’t find yourself unable to text, call, or play your favorite game.


There’s no guarantee your bed or desk will be right next to an outlet, and even if it is, your roommate may need to use it too. Bring extension cords so you can plug in your laptop, chargers, and fan and so that there will be plenty of outlets for both of you.


Blankets are important on a college dorm checklist because you never know how cold your room will get, and you can use extra pillows under your knees to take pressure off of your back.


You have no idea how many people have slept in your dorm bed before you, or how uncomfortable the bed will be. A mattress topper will protect you from bacteria and sweat left in your mattress and will provide a more supportive, cushiony sleep surface so you can rest better. If you only you had the perfect mattress topper

include a mattress topper on your college checklistTake a Comfortable Bed to School With You

The most important thing on a college checklist is bringing what you will need in order to get a good night’s rest. Sleep is essential to getting good grades, so don’t risk having to sleep on a worn out, lumpy, disgusting mattress.

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